Splatter Painting with Kids :: A Jackson Pollock Collaborative

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We had the art group over today and let them go crazy with paint. I spread an old queen size sheet out in the back yard, gave them pans of paint watered down with water, and "introduced" the concept of splattering paint from the paintbrush with a flick of the wrist.

I'm sure some of them had already figured out the joys of splattering (as the walls and curtains in my studio attest), but hey. Anyway, they splattered, they made hand prints, they paint danced, they did torso mono prints, you name it.

The splatter painting was inspired by Susan Striker's Young at Art and was super fun. It would be a great party or playgroup activity. Most of the kids ended up naked and eventually in the kiddie pool for clean up and water play.

Here's the finished painting. I'm not sure what to do with it. It's too cool to toss but the paint is washable so it's not terribly permanent (for a sheet anyway). Also it's large. Any ideas?

Before we moved to the big sheet, I introduced the splatter painting concept at the table where they each did a few individual paintings.

As always, I'm thankful for an art table that wipes clean easily. I used to use a thrifted wooden coffee table which was a lot harder to clean.

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  1. andreamcmann says

    Maybe you can make the sheet into a play tent or picnic blanket??
    That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!

  2. Liz says

    Is it big enough to use as some kind of play tent? We did this with an old dust sheet put it over bamboo canes to make a fair-weather tipi last summer.

  3. says

    Get someone to make a frame to stretch in onto like canvas, then donate it to some building in your town to hang in their lobby.

  4. Ann says

    You could cut it into the appropriate number of squares or rectangles and then stretch the pieces over frames nailed together from scrap lumber. Staple gun the fabric in place and each child can have their own masterpiece to hang in their room.

  5. Kathie says

    A thought about the sheet . . .perhaps use it as the base for a quilt. You could use it at home or give it to a charity.

  6. says

    If you felt like having a cool spattered tablecloth, you could put this painted sheet down and then a clear plastic tablecloth (or even a shower curtain) over it, for birthday/tea parties or art time or whatever. Or maybe tablecloths just get in the way of the Toddler Art Experience. =) I like the idea of stretching it onto a frame and hanging it, too!

  7. threesneakybugs says

    How fun! I like the tent idea. Another similar suggestion would be to tack it to the ceiling like the room is a posh silk tent.

  8. says

    On a smaller scale, you could take a good picture of it and then use the image to make prints for each of the kids or create postcards/greeting cards or whatever. It is such a cool looking piece!
    I love everyone’s ideas about creating something to donate. That would be a neat thing to have the kids involved in. I’m guessing the Asheville area would be pretty supportive of young artists . . . you should feature a toddler art exhibition somewhere. :)

  9. Aimee says

    we’re going to do splatter painting next week; looks like so much fun. love you blog so much. I like the table cloth idea.