Flowers in the garden and in the studio

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Say hello to some of the ladies in our garden.





Okay, so these photos were taken a few weeks ago and some of the flowers have since faded from the garden scene. But they sure make me happy! As do all the flower related art we do around here.

Here's a slideshow (I'm experimenting!) and a list of some of the flower art we've done:

Feel free to share a link or description of your own flower art or craft in the comments!

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  1. says

    These are really beautiful and inspiring! I LOVE flowers and am always looking for great crafty ideas that can “memorialize” them–at least for a little while. Thanks for the nice slide show!

  2. says

    Dear Jean,
    I had some problems opening the slide-show, actually I couldn’t open it. I keep geting the information that there is an error occuring in opening the page. So sorry that I can’t see it. I’ll try again later. Hope I’ll be lucky!

  3. Carol says

    Maybe you can help. I have been trying for about 5 years to learn the name of the yellow/orange/red flower at the top! What is it? I love these and would like to get more (I have one) but don’t know what to search for. Any help would be great!!!!

  4. says

    I finnaly got there!!! It’s great an I love it! Would you mind if I used this slide show with my students in the Art Education course to show them the use of one same art material in different ways and in different art techniques? This is so important in the art process, and your slide-show shows this in a very clear way!

  5. says

    Sure. It’s a blackberry lily. The seed pods look like blackberries when they burst, right? Mine reseeds and spreads (moderately). Does yours?

  6. Kate says

    we have the lilies, too. planted last year and almost doubled this year. theyre so lovely but attract killer cicaida wasps (i think only killer to cicaidas not humans, at least weve been lucky thusfar). anyway, jealous of your garden! we only have the lilies and a butterfly bush (and a small “fairy” garden with teeny wildflowers)

  7. Buse says

    Jean, you are amazing! I found this blog so recently but I can’t stop myself, I am reading, reading and reading your older posts. So inspiring, thank you!