Spring Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids
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12 Spring Craft Ideas for Kids


A round up of spring craft ideas for kids inspired by The Artful Year, including Easter activities and food and spring arts and crafts projects.

Spring Craft Ideas for Kids and Families

Spring is my favorite season.

In response to an interview question recently over on Picklebums, I said,

The calendar year might start January 1st, but to me the new year starts best in spring! Fresh shoots poking up out of the earth, new growth on old shrubs and trees, baby animals and birds, the return of warmth and longer days—what’s not to love?!

Besides spring itself, I’ve been loving all of the spring and Easter crafts and ideas that people have been sharing from The Artful Year.

In her review of the book, Valerie of Inner Child Fun says,

“…what I love most about this book is how open-ended many of the projects are — there are so many ways to put your own creative spin on them to make unique pieces of art!”

And that’s what I’ve been enjoying the most about the blog tour.

Seeing how everyone takes the ideas from my book and makes them their own.

So I thought it would be fun to share some of these spring and Easter crafts, activities, and foods that have been inspired by projects in The Artful Year book.

Plus I added a couple of my own spring craft blog posts to round out the round ups…


(And check back soon for a kids’ garden and nature post…)

12 Spring Craft Ideas for Kids 

Easter Crafts for Kids

4 Easter Activities

How to Make an Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree :: “We made our tree with eggs that were about to expire in our fridge and a handful of materials I already had on hand over the course of one afternoon.” – Tiffany, Peanut Blossom

Make Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Stained Glass Easter Eggs :: “After we made the hollow eggs, we selected one of many decorating ideas. We picked Stained-Glass Easter Eggs. This process was using sharpies to outline a pattern then painting with a glue and paint mixture.” – Melissa, Imagination Soup

Tissue Paper Nests and Bowls

Tissue Paper Nests and Bowls :: “Amazing what can be created with just tissue paper and craft glue!” Michelle, MollyMoo Crafts

Make Tissue Paper Nests

Tissue Paper Nests :: “These colorful nests are a simple, sensory craft to do with the kiddos.  And they make a gorgeous Easter decoration.” Anne, Left Brain, Craft Brain

Spring Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

4 Spring Arts and Crafts Ideas

Melted Crayon Drawings

Melted Crayon Art Project for Kids :: Try this with spring themes such as flowers or Easter eggs if you like… “My so-called ‘art hater’ couldn’t get enough of this project!” – Erica, What Do We Do All Day

Salty Watercolors

Salty Watercolors :: Try making flowers and Easter eggs with this technique! “…it’s basically a glue/salt/paint method of making the coolest piece of art ever in the world. I’m totally hooked.” – Jeanette, Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Dreamy Melted Bead Suncatcher Mobile

Dreamy Suncatchers for Kids :: “How many of us have fond memories of making holiday cookies with our mothers, or summer nights stargazing with dad? And how many of us want our children to have equally beautiful memories of their childhood to carry them through life?” Ana, Babble Dabble Do

Spring art project for kids

A Spring Stained Glass Window :: Welcome spring with a stained glass spring art project for kids. It’s so beautiful with the light shining through!

Spring and Easter Food Ideas

4 Spring Snacks and Treats

Easter Pancakes

Easter Pancakes :: “If you’re looking for a new holiday tradition, try a little pancake art with your family this Easter.” – Zina, Let’s Lasso the Moon

Cranberry Granola Bar Recipe

Cranberry Granola Bars Recipe :: “Jean’s recipe for Granola Bars caught my imagination; looking like a perfect breakfast on the run for one of our late sleepers, today;  as well as a great snack that was packed up for a Museum Field trip for another.  They’re extremely easy to make and delicious.” Gina, Willowday

Make Birds Nest Cookies

Make Birds Nest Cookies :: “They were such a delicious treat, and with the whole wheat flour and low sugar content, I didn’t feel like I was loading my kiddos up with empty calories.” – Asia, Fun at Home with Kids

Pretzel Nests Spring Snack for Kids

Pretzel Nests :: A creative Easter kids’ activity that doubles as a (mostly) healthy spring snack.

What are your favorite spring craft ideas for kids and families? Any here that you’d like to try out?

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Spring Crafts for Kids and Families
12 Spring Craft Ideas for Kids


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    My little sister has been begging me to do some crafts with her so your list will be perfect for her to choose from! Thanks for some great ideas!

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