Shaving Cream for Kids :: 67 Ideas for Art, Play, and Learning with Shaving Cream

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Shaving Cream for Kids

As I mentioned yesterday in my post about how I think the shaving cream manufacturers got their target customer wrong, shaving cream is the most requested art material in our house. Kids just have so much fun with shaving cream!

Here are 67 ideas for using shaving cream for kids art, play, and learning.

There is everything here from shaving cream marbling and sensory table ideas, to holiday crafts with shaving cream and shaving cream parties.


Shaving Cream for Kids

NOTE: For those of you working in preschools / schools or for those of you worried about shaving cream, please read The Infamous “Shaving Cream” Article by Ms. Lisa’s Musings and Mayhems (Thank you to MaryAnn F. Kohl for bringing it to our attention!). It’ll make you feel better about using shaving cream.

Shaving Cream Marbling for Kids

Shaving Cream Marbling Ideas

1. Shaving Cream Marbled Rainbows on The Chocolate Muffin Tree

2. Shaving Cream Marbling on In Lieu of Preschool

3. Marbled Shaving Cream Blob Art on smART Class

4. Silhouette Art on a Shaving Cream Marbled Background on There’s a Dragon in My Classroom

5. Marbled Sunset Painting on Inner Child Fun

6. Shaving Cream Marbling and DIY Notebooks on The Artful Parent

7. More Marbled Paper with Liquid Watercolors on De Tout et De Rien

8. Shaving Cream Marbleized Peacock on smART Class

9. Shaving Cream Marbling (Redux) on The Artful Parent


Shaving Cream Art Ideas for Kids

More Shaving Cream Art Ideas

10. Shaving Cream Drawing on the Window on The Artful Parent

11. Shaving Cream and Colored Salt :: Lather Up Some Color on Not Just Cute

12. Shaving Cream Body Art on Imagination Tree

13. Shaving Cream Drawing on Putti’s World

14. DIY Puffy Paint Fish on No Time for Flash Cards

15. Shaving Cream Prints (in French, but she has Google Translator) on De Tout et De Rien

16. Shaving Cream Painting on the Window on Famiglia & Seoul

17. Shaving Cream Painting at the Easel on Mom’s Crafty Space

18. Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror on The Artful Parent


Shaving Cream Pretend Play for Kids

Shaving Cream Pretend Play

19. Shaving Cream Ice Cream Play with Sprinkles on Famiglia & Seoul

20. Shaving Cream Cupcakes on Experimenting Mom

21. Shaving Cream Frog Pond Sensory Station on Growing a Jeweled Rose

22. Shaving Cream-Frosted Sponges on Little Moments

23. Building with Shaving Cream and Foam Blocks on Beansprouts Preschool Blog

24. Balloon Barber Shop (and pretend shaving) on Heather Swain

25. Snow Sensory Activity with Shaving Cream on Living Life Intentionally

26. Shaving Cream Snow on Crayon Freckles

27. Glowing Dragon Eggs on Adventures at Home with Mum


Shaving Cream Sensory Play Ideas (small scale)

Shaving Cream Sensory Play

28. Summer Sensory Table :: Shaving Cream and Ice Paint on Growing a Jeweled Rose

29. Sensory Balloons on Play at Home Mom

30. Sensory Table Chemistry :: Shaving Cream with Oobleck on Familylicious

31. Sensory Play for Babies :: Shaving Cream in a Bag on Growing a Jeweled Rose

32. Water Beads and Shaving Cream on Dirt and Boogers

33. Shaving Cream Body Painting and Silly Fun on Go Kid Yourself

34. An Ocean Sensory Bin :: Shaving Cream and Shells on A Mom with a Lesson Plan

35. Shaving Cream with Colored Ice Cubes on Not Just Cute

36. Make an Ocean in a Bag on Pink and Green Mama


Shaving Cream Sensory Play Ideas (large scale)

Shaving Cream Sensory Play Large Scale

37. Homemade Shaving Cream Slip and Slide on HeyDay Living

38. Shaving Cream Play in the Swimming Pool on Train Up a Child: Learn as We Go

39. Shaving Cream on the Slide on Growing a Jeweled Rose

40. Shaving Cream and Water Balloons :: Messy Boy Party on Jeanne Winters

41. Shaving Cream Messy Play on Imagination Tree

42. Shaving Cream Battle on BruCrew Life

43. Shaving Cream Garage Play on Play at Home Mom

44. LOTS of Shaving Cream Slide Photos on Familylicious

45. Pretend Car Wash on Juggling with Kids


Shaving Cream Learning Ideas

Shaving Cream Science and Learning

46. Puffy Paint Clouds on No Time for Flash Cards

47. Learning Numbers with Shaving Cream on We Can Do All Things

48. Color Mixing with Shaving Cream in Bags (and practicing letters) on Toddler Approved

49. Shaving Cream Numbers on Play Activities

50. Clouds in a Jar on Teach Preschool

51. Shaving Cream Spelling on School Desks on Mrs. Pruitt’s Class

52. Take Care of Your Teeth Lesson on Reading Confetti

53. Draw Letters in Shaving Cream (part of a list of 125 Ways to Practice Making Letters) on In Lieu of Preschool

54. Shaving Cream Letters on Taming the Goblin


Shaving Cream Ideas for the Bathtub

Shaving Cream in the Bathtub

55. Painting in the Bathtub on Kids Activities Blog

56. Pretend Shaving for Kids on Desires of My Heart

57. Even More Shaving Cream Bathtub Paint on Meet the Dubiens

58. Shaving Cream Hairstyles on Two Geeks and a Girl


Shaving Cream for Holidays and Seasons

Shaving Cream for the Seasons & Holidays

59. Shaving Cream Snowmen (as an Advent activity) on Oopsie Daisy

60. Shaving Cream Marbled Easter Eggs on Hands on As We Grow

61. Shaving Cream and Paint Fireworks on No Time for Flashcards

62. Puffy Snowflakes on I Can Teach My Child

63. Shaving Cream Rainbows (for St. Patricks Day) on Little Wonder Days

64. Shaving Cream Marbled Valentine Hearts on The Chocolate Muffin Tree

65. Shaving Cream Marbled Heart Garland on Imagination Tree

66. A Tutorial for Shaving Cream Valentines on Modern Parents, Messy Kids

67. Shaving Cream Marbled Fall Leaves on Little Wonder Days

Shaving Cream for Kids

Do you have any other ideas for using shaving cream for kids in art, sensory play, or education? Please share in the comments!

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Shaving Cream for Kids - 67 ideas for art play and learning

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  1. says

    This is great!!! I hate to admit I’ve never used shaving cream at home for the kids… although they’ve used it at their preschools. I’m definitely going to try the painting in the bathtub one! FUN!!!

  2. mansi says

    This is superb! this is a great resource. I am too excited to be on my favorite blog with our shaving foam cupcakes. Thank you so much for including it in your list.

  3. Dena says

    Wow, this list is exciting and overwhelming! Perfect for doing outside in the sunshine right now! Thanks Jean!

  4. says

    Lots of great ideas with shaving cream. The feel of it, squishing it between their fingers, even in their hair. Wow! What fun kids can have with shaving cream. Many creative, playful hours of a good time.