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Make Felted Wool Easter Eggs for the Nature Table

by Jean Van't Hul
April 8, 2009
Make Wool Felted Easter Eggs
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I told you I wanted to try some simple wool felting with Maia. We made felted wool Easter eggs for our spring nature table.

I decided to go with SouleMama’s felting instructions in The Creative Family because it sounded the most hands on and immediate, although I’d still like to try the other two I mentioned as well.

Here’s how to felt eggs…

Make Felted Wool Easter Eggs for the Nature Table




She calls for a bowl of hot soapy water per person (1 tbsp dish soap per 2 cups water) and some raw carded wool.

Maia was really excited about trying this and loved playing with the wool before I even brought out the soapy water. She had some trouble making it into balls that stayed together though and lost interest after a while.

The trick apparently is to wrap a strand of wool tightly around itself into a little ball, soak it in the soapy water, roll it around in your hands, wrap more wool tightly around the ball, soak it, roll it, etc, until you have a ball the size you want.


Perhaps it would be better for someone slightly older than Maia. Although in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have limited the project by saying we were going to make balls and eggs.


I made several little eggs and enjoyed the process. Maia mostly watched. We might try this again sometime. Or one of the other felting techniques.


We added the eggs to the spring nature table, tucked inside a nest of the fluffy yellow wool.

Unfortunately the weather outdoors does not match this sunny spring corner of our house. We’ve had snow and freezing weather for the last couple of days! And here I thought I lived in the south! The garden is covered, my new cherry tree is wrapped up, and all my seedlings and plants have been brought inside. But soon it will be warm again and we will be puttering in the garden. I can’t wait.

Update :: We’ve since made wool felted rocks, too!

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How to Make Felted Wool Easter Eggs

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