How to Make Homemade Bubbles with Kids

How to Make Homemade Bubbles

Yesterday, when I wrote about making homemade bubble wands with the kids, I promised to share photos of them using their new bubble wands as well as the instructions for how to make homemade bubbles. Here goes! First the bubbles recipe and then the photos… How to Make Homemade Bubbles INGREDIENTS 4 cups warm water… 

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Make Homemade Bubble Wands

Make Homemade Bubble Wands (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Happy Earth Day! Today I have a post for you on making lovely homemade bubble wands. We used the new and improved Artterro bubble wand kit, sent to us for review (and which also contains materials and instructions for making some fun garden art!), but if you’re feeling crafty and resourceful you could make bubble wands without a kit…. 

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Masking Tape Art Project for Kids - Weaving a Colorful Rug

Masking Tape Art on a Big Scale

When we built the Fort Magic igloo last week, the kids completed it by pimping out the place with some masking tape art. I promised a post about the tape art carpet “in a couple of days” but between a Spring break road trip and Easter, it didn’t happen as quickly as I thought it would…. 

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Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids - An Igloo

The Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids (+GIVEAWAY)

I wrote about Fort Magic a few weeks ago. About a fort kit for kids that has turned our house into a creative construction zone—in such a good way. It has added a new level of family interaction and collaboration during the building phase and has inspired all kinds of imaginative play afterward. This fort kit… 

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Easter Art Activities Styrofoam Printing Easter Eggs

Two Great Easter Art Activities for Kids

We’ve been doing lots of Easter arts and crafts these past couple of weeks! Here are two more Easter art activities that we’ve been working on this week: styrofoam printed Easter eggs & painted wooden eggs They are both easy and quick, so you still have time to do them with your kiddos! Two Easter… 

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25 Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas for Kids - Lots of creative ideas!

25 Creative Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

It’s only a week until Easter! Do you know what’s going into your children’s Easter baskets? If you need a little help, here are 25 creative Easter basket ideas… No candy in the bunch! (But if you wanted to add a chocolate bunny or a few chocolate eggs, I’m sure your kiddos won’t object.) This… 

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The Artful Parent Book Birthday Celebration

The Artful Parent Book Birthday & Giveaway Celebration

My baby is one! It’s been a year since The Artful Parent book was released into the world… And, since I try not to miss a chance for a celebration, I am baking a cherry pie in honor of the occasion and am running a big book giveaway! I also wanted to thank you again… 

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How to Make Peanut Butter Cups in Silicone Molds

How to Make Peanut Butter Cups in Silicone Molds

Given our love of peanut butter playdough, peanut butter nest snacks, and peanut butter cups, I thought we ought to try to make an Easter version of the divine combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Maia and I first planned to make peanut butter cups in egg shapes. I saw a few posts on Pinterest, and… 

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Personalized Childrens Growth Chart

A Personalized Childrens Growth Chart

Personalized products are meaningful for anyone, but I think they are extra special for a child who is just learning the power of letters and words. GIVEAWAY note: You’ll have a chance to win a personalized childrens growth chart of your choice at the end of this post… At age 4 1/2 there is one… 

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Easter Gifts for Kids - Spring Arts and Crafts Products

Easter Gifts for Kids (+ Spring Arts & Crafts Products)

With Easter around the corner and all the Easter and spring crafting going on around us, I decided to focus on Easter gifts for kids in this month’s sponsor welcome post. And spring arts and crafts products… And, for those planning ahead, some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas… So… Please welcome my blog sponsors for… 

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Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids with Spring Flowers

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft with Flower Petals

If you follow me on facebook or via Instagram, you may have seen a sneak preview of this Easter egg suncatcher craft yesterday. These suncatchers seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the floral explosion going on around us. Daphne’s already picking flowers for us several times a day and delivering them to us at… 

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