A thank you note

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I wanted to share a note I received yesterday. One that really made my day. Maybe even my month. It's from my friend Dawn (who also reads this blog).

Thank you for all of your ideas. I have to say in all honesty that
your blog makes me a happier mama. When we have a cool project to do, I
feel more fulfilled and I feel like a better person. Not to mention that
a lot of the end results are really beautiful.

Previous to meeting you, I don't think I realized that children's art
went past a certain point– that is to say that I thought we had the art
scene going on with markers, crayons, fingerpaints, construction paper
and an easel! Nothing wrong with those things, of course, but a whole
new world has been opened. I love seeing our progress.

Thank you, Dawn! Thank you for your appreciation and also thank you for expressing so perfectly what I feel myself — that being creative with my family makes me a better and happier mama. Of course my hope is to inspire others as well, through my blog, to make art and creativity a priority. So to receive confirmation that what I'm doing is affecting others in a positive way makes me feel amazing. (It can also make me tearful, but I cry easily!)

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  1. michelle says

    my kids and i recently discovered a love for tye dying t-shirts. They each did a few and have been wearing them every day! I thought of you and how you could turn their tye died creations into nightgowns or dresses! How cool!

  2. says

    What a sweet note to receive. I love your project ideas and often use them, though I rarely post photos of them. I will try to do that more and link to you so you can see what you are inspiring!

  3. says

    I’m also going to thank you right now, too, because yesterday marked our first art playgroup at our house and I was so happy to see that dream realized. Going to add you to my FB friends so you can watch it unfold next month. You rock!

  4. says

    What a lovely note to receive…I, too, second Dawn’s sentiments. Thank you for sharing your ideas and passions which inspire each one of us in a unique way. Happy Sunday.

  5. says

    I also second the thank you note. Your blog has been such an inspiration to me. I’ve rediscovered my love of art, started an art playgroup that I’m absolutely thrilled to host, and I’m constantly feeling excited about the next art activity. Admittedly, I think I may be enjoying all of our art a little more than my son, but he’s experiencing some pretty great stuff. Thanks again for sharing all of your wonderful activities!!

  6. Heather Brough says

    Wow. I agree with the sentiments of the thank you note and those above. I have not commented before on your posts but wanted to chime in on the thank yous! I look to your blog daily in my email inbox for inspirations. I once was a primary grade teacher loving to collaborate with my colleagues on creative child-centered projects. Now that I have my own kids I get a little isolated at times at home and it’s wonderful to have your daily blog to inspire, motivate!! Keep it up! I don’t know what I’d do without you!! ;)