Note to Self & Fave Reader E-mail of the Year

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Pretzel Wreaths 09

Photo: Pretzel wreaths made with the kids (which I thought was rather brilliant until I realized they just looked like bagels with odd lumps).

Note to self: If, during the biggest clean-out your house has ever seen, you decide to unplug and untangle ALL of the computer, printer, and internet cables, realize that you will not likely be able to put them all back in the correct jacks and that this just might be a bit of an issue for a blogger. Ahem. 

(Thank goodness for husbands who have skills I lack. Such as computer cord identification and location skills.)

Okay, on to what is very possibly my favorite reader e-mail received this year… I had to share!! (She gave me permission.) It totally made my week!

loooove your book!

Hi Jean,

I just wanted to send you a big  THANK YOU for your wonderful ebook, The Artful Winter!!  I have been following your blog since last summer and started reading MaryAnn Kohl's books because of you.  She has been a huge inspiration, and to be honest, I kind of forgot about the Artful Parent because I had so many ways to keep my 2.5 year old daughter's hands and mind busy with MaryAnn's creative ideas.  On a whim I decided to order your ebook and it has truly been a godsend.  What wonderful ideas you have for keeping even the littlest ones busy and creating!  Your blog and your projects have really loosened me up as a mom, and have helped me let go of my desire to do all crafts Martha Stewart-style (something I was no good at anyway—two years ago I spent FOREVER making a ridiculously heavy elephant pull-toy out of paper mache that was beautiful but cracked in half the minute my daughter figured out how to pull it really fast while flying around a corner!  and I thought it would be a family heirloom. haha!!  ) .  That is no fun for toddlers!!!  and now, with a six month old in tow, I really appreciate giving my daughter stimulating things to do (things she loooooves–you have the best ideas, seriously!)  while I am engaged in the not-so-stimulating tasks of taking care of an infant.

Soooo….we have made salt dough ornaments, potato stamped like crazy (and even made lots of Christmas cards with our potato stamps),  made the stained glass wreath, and for a Santa party next sunday I will be making the kiddos candy cane playdoh and candy cane heart lollypops as take-home gifts.  Maybe next year we'll do the salt dough house lantern.  You have really made our Christmas season so much fun…and maybe have convinced me that I can actually get rid of our tv once and for all!  Keep up the amazing work and may your innovative ideas keep coming!

Thanks so much from a mom in New Jersey!  Can't wait for your book!

Sam Sheenan

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  1. Britta says

    Thanks for the reminder! Just ordered your book. Tomorrow starts the Holiday Shut Down when we’re all home until the 2nd. I know I’ll need it!

  2. says

    What a sweet note, Jean! Sam, Jean has been a huge inspiration to me as well and I feel blessed to have this blog in corner.
    Glad to hear that your chords all all back in shape! Happy holidays.

  3. Jane Marsching says

    yes, very very inspiring ideas, words, and images! Thanks to you!
    Also, can you tell us what hte pretzel receipe is???