An Interview with Maia

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Maia second grade photoIt's been a while since I interviewed Maia. I posted one a couple of years ago, but I often ask her interview-type questions every couple of months and write them down in my current notebook. Last night, after dinner, she asked to be interviewed, so I asked her the following questions…

Note: The photo is her second grade school pic.

JEAN :: What is something you'd like to learn how to do or to do better?

MAIA :: I'd like to learn how to sew on your sewing machine.

(pause…) And I'd like to learn to drink water better (giggle). And I would actually like to wash the dishes a little easier (giggle, giggle).

Interview with Maia 01

JEAN :: What are your three favorite colors?

MAIA :: [First, she went to find her most recent rainbow painting, and then while looking at it, said…] Middle blue, light red, and very, very bright yellow. Very, very, very bright yellow.

Daphne Playing Bingo

JEAN :: What's your favorite thing about having a little sister?

MAIA :: Because I get to make things for her and I get to play games with her and I like to play with her and I like to do puzzles with her. I like to take baths with her and I like how she's always funny sometimes. And I like how I get to teach her things and I like gardening with her and swinging with her and playing with her.

Suminigashi marbling with kids 10

JEAN :: What is your favorite art activity?

MAIA :: I like all of them, but marbling is my favorite.

[Jean's note: I just wrote about Suminigashi, her favorite marbling technique, in Tuesday's newsletter. We started doing it a while back, inspired by Valerie Deneen at Inner Child Fun who said it was her daughter's most requested art activity in my post about bloggers' fave art projects. Of course we had to try it.]

Straw Building Set

JEAN :: What was your favorite Christmas gift?

MAIA :: My favorite game was the pickup sticks that Grandma gave me. And my other favorite gift was those straws that have the connectors that you build with [Brilliant Builders construction set].

You Choose Book 2

JEAN :: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

MAIA :: My favorite place to be would be visiting my Aunt Jenny and Uncle Teddy in Australia and looking at the koalas and seeing all the animals.

You Choose Childrens Picture Book[This last question is from a children's picture book called You Choose by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart that we've been enjoying lately. It's full of similar, "make you think and imagine" type of questions. Very interactive!]

I love hearing Maia's answers! I've thought about keeping track of these informal interviews just to record how they change over time. Maybe in a journal or maybe include them in annual photo books (if I get back to doing our annual photo books!). My various notebooks are not the ideal place because they are full of so many other notes and rough drafts and random things and often get tossed when I'm finished with them.

Do you do anything like this? Any good ideas for recording the interviews?

This post contains an affiliate link (for the building set).

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  1. says

    Nick’s new book which is similar is Just Imagine and it’s just as good.You can get it on AmazonUk.My 3 loved You Choose so much I had to get them a copy each! I think there is a You Choose colouring and sticker book now. If your daughter likes those type of illustrations she’ll love The Trouble With Daisy books by Kes Gray. All of my 3 devoured them when first reading aloud.

  2. says

    I used to do this on their birthdays each year and collected the answers on our old (now defunct) family blog. Alas, I let it slip and now several birthdays have passed without the interview. I must get back to it though, love seeing the answers. The idea of a photo book is great, you could pull all the interviews together every 10 years or something. I’d never be organized enough though. ;)

  3. says

    I just did this recently. However, I didn’t write the answers down. I may have to go back and do that…good idea for a blog entry.

  4. says

    Love this idea and now mourning the fact I didn’t do this when my boys were younger. If I try it now they may just roll their teen/tween eyes at me and answer, “Stuff” to every question.

  5. Carly says

    This is wonderful! I’m totally doing this with my kids!
    My mom is currently teaching my six year old how to sew on her sewing machine. (I never cared enough to learn.) I pulled out some old shirts for them to eventually turn into skirts and bags.
    Finally, Maia’s school picture is wonderful. It totally made me smile when your page opened. :)

  6. says

    Oh I love this interviewing little ones. I should totally try that to see their answers. I also have a notebook that contains *everything* and this would be a great place to store the answers.
    That book, You Choose, is a Kane Miller Book (I sell Usborne & Kane Miller books) and one of my daughter’s favorites. We use that book a LOT in everyday (and even home-schooling writing or art prompts), but it’s a great book to take on car/plane rides, too! So much fun!
    Sarah M

  7. says

    She must feel very important that you took the time to ask her questions and write down her answers. What a great feeling to be loved and valued so much!!!! Next, let’s hear what Daphne has to say. She intrigues me as she has grown… second children are such little surprises as they grow.

  8. katie says

    We do our traditional cousins portraIts at holiday at ask each kid a couple of ?s to add to our blurb. Very funny responses about food, colors, friends, school, etc! As for recording, I was never good at writing in my kids’ milestones books so I bought a composition book for each of my 3 kids. I wrote a note to each on the first page and record milestones,;quotes and memorable stories. I email my self when I have little time and write in them later on. Even now I’ll look through them and read things I have since forgotten and my oldest is only 5! I tape in special pics like the first time they write their name or first drawing of a person, etc!

  9. katie says

    Ps there is a fun Dr Seuss book I give when my nephews or kids start kindergarten called the book about me ( I think that’s the title) you put your photo on the cover then record things like ” how many steps to get to the mailbox” “and other ” important facts for kids bat this age ;)

  10. Dena says

    I haven’t interviewed Naomi yet but will now that I see how adorable it is! We have been writing down in a special book everything she says that’s funny or interesting. It’s already been fun to read back all the cute things she has said.
    I also have a “mommy book”. I have her draw pictures or I dictate for her in it on special occasions like birthdays or Mother’s day.
    What age do you think you will start interviewing Daphne?

  11. Lucille says

    I so enjoy looking at the photos on your site. Your children seem to really enjoy creating things and using their imaginations. I’m curious as to whether or not you have a television and do your girls watch TV? I teach kindergarten and soooo many kids spend a lot of time watching tv and/or playing video games.

  12. ginger says

    Hi Jean,
    I copy/pasted below the interview that I do with my kids. I added two of your questions in there that I liked as well. Thanks!!
    I did you glue/salt/watercolor craft the other day. We LOVED it. If you go on Pinterest and type in birthday questionaire, I saw a cute thing that someone had where they had theirs on cute paper with a photo. See below for more ideas!!! Like any!!?
    Yearly child interview
    • cereal
    • vegetable
    • drink
    • toy
    • TV Show
    • game
    • book
    • restaurant
    • holiday
    • animal
    If you could change your name, what would you choose?
    What do you love about each person in our family? (I name each member for them and write down what they say)
    What does Daddy do?
    What does Mommy do?
    What is your favorite thing about having a little sister?
    What do you think about your teachers?
    Who is your best friend?
    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    What do you want to learn how to do or to do better?
    How many kids do you want?
    What kind of husband do you want?
    What do you think about Jesus?
    Where would you like to go on vacation this year?
    What are some of your wishes for this year?

  13. says

    I do interview style questions every year for my daughters birthday and gather it all in a book. And she totally loves you choose too. She must have had it for three years now and still hasn’t tired of it! Her little brother doesn’t get a look in.

  14. says

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