Neil Gaiman New Year Quote

Happy New Year


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, My Friends!

Or, as my kids wrote on the chalkboard last night, Happy Birthday to the New Year.

Happy Birthday to the New Year

With birthday cakes, gifts, balloons, sparklers, fireworks, and more.

And, up at the very top, part of a math discussion between Harry and Maia regarding the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds in a year.

Sparklers on New Year's Eve

Our New Year’s Eve celebration was low-key with sparklers and pop-its and an early bedtime.

A love of sparklers

Sadly, half of our sparklers were duds, which has never happened to us before. Has it to you?

Writing with sparklers

I’ve decided that we just need to get a whole new batch or two and have a second sparkler fest ASAP.

The kids were writing “2015” in the air with their sparklers, which reminded me of the painting with light post that photographer Angie Dornier wrote for The Artful Parent a few years ago. So I think I’ll bone up on my nighttime photography settings (as you can see from these photos, I have some serious studying and practicing to do) and combine our next round of sparklers with some ephemeral art.

Before I sign off for today, I wanted to leave you with a New Year’s quote by Neil Gaiman that I’m loving right now ::

Neil Gaiman New Year Quote


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