Summer pajamas with FOE

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In preparation for what is usually a hot summer (hard to believe right now when we just had a frost warning Monday night), I made some lightweight pajamas for Maia. We don't have AC, so cool nightclothes are especially important in our house. I used the rest of this sheet to make the hippo pajamas above thinking it was very apropos using a sheet for pjs. This photo was taken after she slept in them which is why they are so wrinkled.

For the top I followed the instructions for the peasant blouse at Just Tutes, substituting the simplicity of fold over elastic for the regular elastic. I used FOE for the pants too, although otherwise I followed a pattern I had on hand. Next time I'd probably just use a pair of her pants as a pattern or a simple tutorial such as this one.


I also made a nightgown using some lightweight cotton and the same peasant blouse tutorial, just making it longer. The pajama top above was a tad small, so I enlarged the pattern for the nightgown and ended up with one too large at the neck. I added a couple of darts, though, and it fits perfectly now although doesn't look quite as professional (the darts were added after the FOE).

I have something to confess. With this latest sewing frenzy, I've started entertaining thoughts of making my own cloth diapers. Have any of you done this? I used cloth diapers with Maia and thought that was hippie enough at the time. It never occurred to me to sew them myself. But can they really be that difficult? I've been obsessing lately about all the patterns out there, including those on this list. And, what about wool soakers? I haven't used them but keep coming across them on the web. Do they work? I assume so since people use them, but aren't they itchy?

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  1. attachlings says

    I’ve used cloth diapers and wool soakers for the 2nd 3rd of my 3 babies.
    I love cloth! At first I thought that wool would be too hot and itchy…but I was wrong. Wool breathes, unlike diaper covers made from some sort of plastic.
    And though some wool is itchy, there are some that are sooooo soft that even on a newborn’s skin, they wouldn’t itch or bother.
    My friend started a WAH-business out of her knitting excellence. She has a forum here:
    This is a great place to go and ask questions like, ‘what kind of wool should I use for a wee soaker?’
    She offers her pattern for a soaker-sack free as well. Those are the best for newborn babies…they completely cover their legs, but are a SNAP for middle of the night changes especially.

  2. says

    Those are adorable! I love your applique too.
    Yes, I’ve made my own diapers. I played around with the mama bird AIO to make my own when pregnant with my second. I reused the stash on my third baby. I now crochet and knit which makes it easy to make wool covers but you can also make recycled wool covers with thrifted sweaters and a sewing machine. Yes, they definitely work, just make sure to get a nice heavy duty wool cover for nighttime.
    The wool isn’t itchy when it’s lanolized (treated with lanolin) and also when it’s not treated to be machine washable (super wash). It was definitely a nice surprise for me when I first touched a wool cover. In fact, my oldest wore wool boxers at night when training and he would never put anything itchy on his body.

  3. marcijo says

    I made my own cloth diapers. The first batch was using the free Ottobre pattern that is on the list you mentioned. I like the fit of this diaper but I made them far too thick and so they took forever to dry. Most recently I’ve tried a purchased pattern, Chloe Toes (just search it on Google). I’m still working on adjusting it to make the fit just right but I really love the FOE method, it is so quick. Also the pocket diapers dry so much quicker. Make sure if you’re using velcro for the closures that you have some way to cover it up when you wash because the diaper will all stick to each other and they will look old and worn really quick. I prefer the snap closures, if you have a snap press.

  4. potagergardengirl says

    LOVE these jammies!! You’ve been so inspiring to me as of late with all your sewing endeavors, thanks for that!
    In regards to the cloth dipes, I have this diaper and love it! For night time dipes it’s a must have for me. I use bumgenius in the day but I tell you if i weren’t so overwhelmed I would’ve made my own pocket diaper, which i bought the fabric for, and called it a day. but fortunately i can resale the bumgenius dipes.
    Curious to hear which way you go!
    take care Jean.

  5. says

    You can definitely sew your own diapers/covers. We have a mix of knit wool soakers, AIO, and PUL covers…I also make my own liners and have done a few pocket diapers. I bought the kwik sew pattern and totally redid the sewing instructions/materials and my finished product is nothing like what they have! Basically all I ended up using was the size/shape template.
    Good Luck!

  6. says

    I love the nightgown! It’s so hard to find decent nightgowns that are made from cotton any more. I like the idea of making our own. Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck with making cloth diapers. I think I’ve seen people discussing this on the forum.

  7. says

    I really like having a mix. AIO’s are less to carry when out and about (and more dad friendly). The PUL covers are by far the cheapest and easiest to make (in my opinion) and wool is so breathable and soft and cozy. Anytime we get any sort of rash or are even just hot and sweaty it is straight to wool!
    I honestly don’t really love the pockets…they use the pf’s the same as the PUL covers, but w/o the reuse ability. They are easier to make than AIO’s though and if you pre stuff them they have the same advantages (and dry more quickly!)

  8. says

    I made my diapers out of organic bamboo velour. I made them as all in ones but sometimes used a cover (nights especially) because I didn’t use a waterproof outer layer. I used five layers of the bamboo and they were amazing at soaking! Also, I ended up going with velcro because it makes changing so much easier and I have a history (!) of having the snaps fall off on me when going through multiple layers. I have also had good luck with using fleece (leftovers from pants and costumes for Zeal) as the inner layers, but I definitely prefer the bamboo. I guess I need to get started on the next size!

  9. says

    Do you have any preference from the three (soakers, AIO, PUL) or did you like having a mix? I just used Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers with Maia and don’t have any experience with the others.

  10. says

    I made fitted cloth diapers for my littlest one, and I’m not a seamstress by any means. I found a forum called Diaper Sewing Divas (I know, there’s something for everyone, right?) and got tons of good advice, as well as good free patterns. I only made the newborn size, because I still had a stash of one-size BumGenius leftover from big brother. I also knit some nice longies using this pattern: but I never actually tried them as soakers.
    Love the PJs, by the way!

  11. says

    I made a few pockets when my oldest was in diapers. I didn’t use a pattern but instead traced a bumgenius which was my favorite at the time. They came out great, I kind of made them up as I went. I would have made more for my second son but I just never found enough time. I used Velcro and skipped the snaps. The trickiest part was getting the elastic in the legs, but you’ll figure it out! Go for it, you crafty hippy chick you! :)