teepee art and weaving ribbons

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It started off simply enough. Maia wanted to help tie the twine onto the bean pole teepee and I said she could take the bottom half while I did the top.


And somehow, I don’t even remember how now, ribbons got involved and she started to tie on ribbons and weave them through the twine.


So for the past few days she, and any friend who makes it over to our house, has been adding ribbons to our bean pole teepee.




We’re taking garden art to a new level here.

I don’t remember exactly how we got started with our annual beanpole teepees. Probably from Sharon Lovejoy’s awesome kids gardening book, Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots.

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  1. elizabeth says

    That is awesome! My daughter is 7 and still does that with anything she can. :-) You’ve inspired me these last few posts to make my own bean pole. And now Maia has got the wheels turning in my head for a garden weaving loom structure. I saw one in Mary Jane’s Farm magazine last month so between that and Maia’s idea I might be able to rig something up for us.

  2. annette standrod says

    so, can you get the bamboo poles at gardening centers or lowe’s? or do I need to order them online?

  3. kami kerby says

    what a beautiful idea! I love the idea of creating a childrens garden. Keep the garden/outdoor art ideas coming loving them!

  4. says

    you can get them at gardening centers or lowes. my husband actually picked up this five pack at kmart for $5. i think you can get them at lots of places. you can also use 1×1 (or similar) boards (available at hardware stores or lowes). they don’t have to be round as long as you have the string.

  5. says

    Also, scroll down to the end of this post for a very neat spider web created by string. It would be neat to use that as the base for some garden weaving!

  6. Barbara Zaborowski says

    The very best kind of art…completely spontaneous and involving the ability to re-do things over days and days. That’s wonderful, Jean!

  7. ginger says

    Has anyone bugged you for travel advice? I am leaving for Asheville this Tuesday. I have been there several times and like to venture out within about a 30-40 min. radius.
    Any good gem mining places?
    Hikes or waterfalls for kids?
    Organic berry picking?
    Botanical Gardens worth it?
    Cute ice cream shop or candy shop?
    Great eatery for kids? (Early Girl, I’ve been there.)
    I keep meaning to email you this:
    It is a site where you can get the COOLEST molds for clay dough or cookies. We made ornaments out of them last year. They are so fun and cool to work with.
    I wish I could be your neighbor!! haha. It would be a crafty, gardening, cooking extraveganza all the time. I gotta make some of your scones.

  8. Stacy of KSW says

    Awesome! What are you growing on the bean poles? I’ve always wanted a garden teepee :)

  9. MaryAnn F. Kohl, art author says

    This makes my day! I love random weaving, and this one is so easy and because it is “large”, compelling for kids. Great idea!

  10. says

    It so often happens like that eh?! – we’ve laid bricks in a curvy line around our garden as we try and decide where to build a retaining wall and these have become the favourite plaything; as stepping stones, as things to rearrange, as a collection to add to, as bases for building other things on …
    I love the teepee-sculpture!

  11. viviane says

    Jean this post was wonderful to read early morning with my cup of coffee . i look forward every morning to see you and Maia and what you were up to .
    my tina says i want to see my friend maia , they are almost the same age and your blog has been an inspiration for us ,i did send you a private email not sure if it went to your spam folder . i hope you can answer some of my questions about art group ..
    your blog brings a smile to our face every morning .
    love and blessings to you and your family