Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene (and a GIVEAWAY!)

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Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene

Simple cloth dolls are a rarity in this day of big box stores and the seeming competition to make the most commercial of commercial dolls. Yes you can find aisles of plastic dolls in any big box store—dolls from all the movies and TV shows that do everything from talk to wet their diapers. But simple childhood dolls that are huggable and soft? Dolls that leave something up to the imagination of the child? That can adapt to any pretend play situation the child comes up with? Those dolls are harder to find.

Luckily for us, there are still those who make simple cloth dolls for children. Reba of Dolly Mama Eugene is one of those people who lovingly handcrafts the kinds of dolls we want our children to have.

Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene 32

Two of Dolly Mama Eugene's dolls have recently joined our family. I bought one for Daphne, and Reba sent the other for me to review (Dolly Mama Eugene is one of my blog sponsors).

Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene 3

These two doll palls have been toted around, tucked into to bed, propped up to eat pretend cherries and blueberries, and have suffered all kinds of booboos and ailments (it's amazing what kinds of things happen when kids play doctor).

Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene 24

But most of all? They have had their outfits changed repeatedly. (Dolly Mama Eugene sells lots of doll clothes besides the ones that come with her dolls. I especially like these boy briefs and this super hero cape!!)

Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene 25

Here's what Reba says about her dolls in her etsy profile:

Dolly Mama Eugene dolls are made for all ages, with double stitching on all the doll bodies for durability and a long lasting life. I create all my own doll and doll clothing patterns. I feel it’s important to do what I can for our environment, and use hemp and organic cotton materials whenever possible. After much experimenting, I find a cotton polyester blend for stuffing gives the best results in softness and wash-ability. Some of the doll clothing is made from wonderful scraps and remnants I’m given from other local artisans.

Each time I complete a doll I put it in my hands and have it do a little dance to send it on it's way…

Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene 20

Dolly Mama Eugene dolls come in a wonderful variety of skin colors—brown, white, and everything in between. Even blue! And fairy dolls with wings! And there is a wide range of hair colors and styles available as well. I highly recommend heading over to her shop to see all the different adorable dolls and doll clothes she sells. (By the way, shipping is free within the United States and Canada and apparently reasonable elsewhere.)

Eco Cloth Dolls by Dolly Mama Eugene 30

Cloth Doll Giveaway!

Would you like to welcome one of these cloth dolls into your family? Dolly Mama Eugene is offering one of her $45 dolls as a giveaway to one lucky winner. Winner can choose the skin tone and diaper color of the doll. To enter, leave a comment to this post by Tuesday, October 2nd at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Wednesday. (I will also e-mail the winner.) This giveaway is open to all readers worldwide.

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me number 39, so Jana wins the giveaway. Congrats, Jana! (I will e-mail you as well…)

Jana said…

How wonderful! These would be perfect for my sister's kids, as they don't use plastic toys. And I love that they can still have long hair for styling. Super!

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  1. [email protected] says

    A dolly to inspire the young imagination <3

  2. Lyndalrt says

    Those dolls look gorgeous, such a great alternative to all the plastic available at the toy stores.

  3. Rebecca says

    I love these! Something about the missing face makes them all the more appealing to little imaginations :)

  4. Jane says

    What beautiful handmade dolls. My boy would love to have a little one to care for. I would love to have the skills of dollymamaeugene!

  5. michelle says

    What wonderful dolls! Just spent some time enjoying and exploring the Dolly Mama Eugene shop — so many sweet doll clothes to dress up your dolly :)


    You have no idea how happy I am to have found this site. I love when people introduce me to something so new and creative. I have been on Mama Eugene’s shop and I think I have clicked a heart on almost half the dolls available since I got there from your page! Etsy is such a huge place and I love it but sometimes it takes a special review like this to really FIND someone there. I absolutely love the dolls and the concept of them. I have added her shop to my favorites and can’t thank you enough. Incredible dolls!!! Thank you for the post and the intro to her shop!

  7. Alyssa says

    Beautiful! I get so tired of looking at my kids’ plastic dolls. This would make a wonderful addition.

  8. Kate says

    These are such beautiful and well-made dolls! Would love to have one join our family! Thanks for the giveaways!!!

  9. Sheila says

    I * LOVE* these dolls! I have made a few Waldorf style dolls myself so I know how much love and work go into creating a one of a kind playmate for a child. These particular dolls have so much personality- precisely because they are so malleable to the imagination a child infuses them with. I’d love to win this for my son. Thank you!

  10. says

    I love these dolls. I’m teaching my almost 4 yr old granddaughter, Geli (short for Angelica) to sew by holding the foot pedal while sitting on my lap and watching me sew on the machine. She loves it! I think we would have such fun making dresses for our dolly!

  11. says

    This is really beautiful and the idea of sewing clothes for these dolls really inspired me. Here’s what i am going to do, if I cant win the giveaway, I am going to sew one myself

  12. says

    These are so cute and my daughter would love this! She has gotten really into playing with dolls and doing a lot of pretend play lately and this would be perfect!!

  13. Faye E. Hunt says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these beautiful, open-ended dolls. Would so appreciate winning one for my son and daughter! Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  14. Donna Holmen says

    I would so love to win one of these dolls. I work as a storyteller/reference assistant in a children’s library. Any of these dolls would be perfect for our children’s playroom at the library!!!
    I love your blog, and thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  15. Jana says

    How wonderful! These would be perfect for my sister’s kids, as they don’t use plastic toys. And I love that they can still have long hair for styling. Super!

  16. Lyn Z... says

    Wondering if one of these would comfort my granddaughter as she is seeking a snuggle-y pet and hubby wants no more critters at home!!!!

  17. Pat says

    Hi Jean, I would like to have The Eco-friendly hemp doll with orange wool yarn and tutu. I love her hair! I always wanted red hair. And my girls would love to play with her. Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. says

    I´m in! It is difficult to find cloth dolls without face expressions and I particularly love that feature so my little children can expand their imagination and transfer their own emotions to it. Thanks for international giveaway!

  19. says

    Lovely dolls! We have bought our girls many homemade stuffies from Etsy and local farmers markets but have yet to find a doll like these.

  20. Melissa B says

    These are exactly what I would love my son and daughter to play with. Thanks for the introduction and opportunity to win!

  21. says

    Oh my, I never bother entering blog giveaways, but you just keep featuring such cute stuff. And if I don’t win, I think one of these dolls is still on my Christmas shopping list.

  22. tannie says

    That’s love at first sight. My 5-year old BOY loves one for his baby brother. How cute is that!!
    And I think he is absolutely right. Now I’m in love too with the cute boy doll-friend and his handsome cloths.

  23. says

    I’d love one for my daughter, turning 1 in 2 days. You made my eyes water: “the dolls we want our children to have”… indeed! Thanks for sharing this wonderful shop!

  24. Bonnielees says

    Beautiful blog, sensational dolls. I love that even faceless they have personality, well done to Dolly Mama Eugene. A perfect gift in a world where imagination is being taken away from our little ones.

  25. says

    These look awesome! The perfect doll! I’m so sick of all the trendy and name brand stuff out there. I don’t have a little girl, but know one that would love this.

  26. says

    I love that the doll in your pictures has hair like MINE! You never see that on a white doll! :) I can think of a lot of curly girls whose self-images would have benefitted from a doll like that if only they had existed when we were kids (I don’t think I ever had a doll with anything but shiny blond hair back in the ’70’s).

  27. Trinitee says

    I would love one of these sweet dolls for my little guy. I’m not a fan of the plastic dolls, so not huggable. My fingers are crossed!

  28. says

    i’ve wanted a doll like this for my son since he was born. i adore the boy dolls in her shop that have long-ish hair just like my son! (he’s 4 and not gotten a haircut!)

  29. Jen says

    Beautiful work, love to win one for my girls. Great site. Thank you for all that you help us give to our children.

  30. katie says

    Theze dolls are lovely. My girls have a newfound love of playing babies since their 6 week old brother was born. Its very difficult to find dolls with multiracial skintones!!!

  31. says

    These dolls are beautiful. I’ve made a couple of dolls for my kids and can clearly see how much love and work has gone into these!

  32. Kathy Balman says

  33. Paige Y says

    Thank you for highlighting these gorgeous dolls. I hope I win one so I don’t have to buy all the ones that I will need!

  34. says

    Very beautifully made ! Children certainly feel it when with a doll like this in their arms.
    My daughter – she is 2 – really doesn’t more then 3 minutes with any of her 3 regular “babies”. I wonder what would happen with one of these……..

  35. Terrill says

    At the top of my daughter’s birthday list is a “rag doll like Laura’s in Little House on the Prairie.” This would be perfect!

  36. Karla says

    What wonderful creations!! Waldorf inspired to promote imagination in the minds of children and soft/cuddly enough to become a best friend! My little one would love one of these!! :D

  37. says

    I have never seen anything quite like these dolls. How wonderful! My pretend play loving two and a half year old would just love to have one!

  38. Laura D. says

    Love these dolls!! Would be perfect for the little girl that is coming in just a month :)

  39. Zoe says

    What beautiful dolls! And it’s wonderful that they are not harmful to the environment too. We’d love to give a home to one of these :)

  40. natali deckmyn says

    My two boys would love this, it’s so important for them to have some dolls to play with too :)

  41. Andie says

    You are right, this is just the doll I want my children (and everyone else’s too) to play with. I love all of the outfits too!

  42. krista says

    Thanks for reminding me to go back to this wonderful shop, which I had checked out through your sponsor links a while back. I especially like the idea of a featureless face that allows children to imagine emotions, rather than being faced with always smiling baby dolls.

  43. says

    what a beautiful gift. thank you for sharing. our children would be blessed to recive such a sweet plaything.

  44. says

    So beautiful and waldorfian (is that a word?) We would love these!

  45. Lauren O'C says

    i am new to this blog and LOVING it. thank you for highlighting this wonderful shop. if I were to receive this doll, the only trouble would be who to give it to!!!

  46. Emily says

    Perusing homeschooling ideas for our 2.5 yr old daughter and came across your blog. Thank you for sharing such a wealth of information and ideas. Thanks also for this giveaway — these dolls are lovingly made, that’s for sure :-)

  47. Susie says

    I love the fact that you can personalise the doll: hair, skin tone, clothes. We need multi-cultural dolls that mirror our societies. Any kid would love one of these dolls because they can mould the doll to their private fantasy. Very very special. (and… pick me, pick me, pick me!!!)

  48. Michelle says

    So beautiful. My 2 year old would just love a doll of her own. Really crossing my fingers on this one!!

  49. Rachel says

    So lovely! Thanks posting these! So many lovely little girls in my life who would love a dolly.

  50. says

    love them!

  51. Catherine says

    My son is completely into his “baby” right now — and it would be a joy to add another. He would be thrilled.

  52. Ashley Poindexter-Tarmy says

    Our newest addition needs to begin her loves of dolls and we think this would ne perfect!!!

  53. Darla Myers says

    These are beautiful cloth doll’s !
    It reminds me of the t.v. show when I was little
    ( little house on the prairie ) Little Carry always had her cloth doll with her. I tried to make a cloth doll when I was little, I didn’t know how to sew
    I stuffed my doll with dry rice, Well I took it to School one day and the rice poured out of the seams.

  54. Nicole M says

    These dolls are so beautiful and would make a lovely addition to our family! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. says

    oh my goodness, This is what I have been asking the stars for! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  56. Kristen says

    My son has just expressed an interest in playing with dolls and this is just the type that I would love for him to have. Thank you for introducing them to us!