13 Favorite Summer Art Projects for Kids

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13 Favorite Summer Art Projects for Kids

This list of 13 of our favorite summer art projects for kids is as much a reminder for me (time to set up a fun art activity!) as it is an invitation for you. These are some of our all-time favorites that are well suited to summer time.

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy these as much as we do!

P.S. I’m setting up #3 for the kids today and am doing the prep for #9…

13 Favorite Summer Art Projects for Kids

1. Splatter painting

2. Body painting

3. Flower printing

4. Swimming pool ball painting

5. Beaded bubble wands

6. Fruit necklaces

7. Edible Art! Toothpick + grape sculptures

8. Flower suncatchers

9. Ice + salt + color

10. Painted daisies

11. Clay on the kids’ pottery wheel

12. Body tracing and painting (indoors or out!)

13. Shaving cream painting, drawing, and playing

What are your favorite summer art projects for kids ? Anything you would add to the list?

Update :: Here’s my follow up to this list…

11 MORE Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids

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13 Favorite Summer Art Projects for Kids

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  1. Dena says

    Hi Jean,
    Thanks for the reminder for some of these. Hands down the best project I have done with Naomi and her cousins was the melted crayon stones. They couldn’t get enough………more stones, more stones!! They each did about 10 or so! We’ve also made leaf stickers, painted outside and used the chalkboard alot with different prompts. It’s getting really, really hot here now so lots of time in the pool too.

  2. Rhonda says

    I just recently discovered your blog, fell head over heels for all your ideas and bought your book. I simply love how happy it is. I finished reading the book last night and cannot wait to incorporate your ideas in to daily life. Many thanks and keep the great ideas coming!!