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12 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make

by The Artful Parent Editorial Team
June 14, 2024
father's day crafts

Here are our favorite Father’s Day Crafts for the special guy in your family! Help Dad or Grandpa feel extra loved with these sweet art projects.

We have lots of Mother’s Day crafts and homemade gifts for kids to make, but what about Dad? We don’t want him to feel left out, so here are some unique art activities to show Dad (or Grandpa, or Uncle, or any of the special guys in your life) how much he means to your family.

These crafts vary so whatever your Dad’s interests are, there’s something for him! We have our eye on the pizza prints, for our pizza-loving Dad!

Father’s Day Crafts

coffee art featured

1. Coffee Art

Brew a pot of your dad’s favorite coffee and use it to paint him a picture!

rock art
Photo by Rachel Withers

2. Rock Art

Paint or decorate a rock for your dad to use as a paperweight on his desk or decoration in his garden.

coil pot
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

3. A Clay Coil Pot

Roll out a clay coil pot (or try a pinch pot!) as a little keepsake for dad.

peanut butter cups
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

4. Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

Who doesn’t love peanut butter cups?! Homemade ones are even better!

tie dye tees
Photo by Andrea Martelle

5. Tie Dye

Tie dye a new tee for dad or making matching tees to wear together all summer long!

mixed media portraits
Photo by Krista Simcoe

6. A Mixed Media Portrait

Raid the recycle bin and create portrait collage of dad or grandpa!

ice cream prints for Father’s Day Crafts
Photo by Andrea Martelle

7. Ice Cream Prints

Mix the color of your dad’s favorite ice cream and print him an ice cream sundae to hang in his office!

DIY art book cover
Photo by Meri Cherry

8. DIY Art Book

Take a collection of your artwork and use it to fill a DIY art book for Dad to treasure.

drawing donuts
Photo by Catalina Gutierrez

9. Draw His Favorite Donut

Get a dozen of your dad’s favorite donuts and draw them! And don’t forget to eat them, too!

homemade frame
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

10. A Homemade Frame

Create a homemade cardboard frame for your favorite piece of artwork for Dad.

pizza print for Father’s Day Crafts
Photo by Andrea Martelle

11. Print a Pizza

Cut the shapes of your dad’s favorite pizza toppings out of foam and create a pizza print!

lego print for Father’s Day Crafts
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

12. LEGO Prints

If your dad loves LEGOs, use them to make a cool print!

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12 Father\'s Day Crafts for Kids to Make 12 Father\'s Day Crafts for Kids to Make
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