11 More Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids!

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11 More Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids

How’s your summer going? Do you need any more activity ideas for your family?

In a follow up to my recent list of favorite summer art activities for kids, here are another 11 to keep you going through the end of the summer:

Summer Art Activities for Kids

1. Make melted bead suncatchers

2. Sandcasting with plaster of paris

3. Flower stained glass

4. Papier mache bowls

5. Create stained glass flower crowns and necklaces

6. Two favorite watercolor activities combined

7. Beautiful stained glass bunting

8. Painted rocks

9. Make a flower petal art box

10. Create land art with kids

11. Make nature prints in sculpey

Plus a bonus… This one isn’t really an art project, but baking soda volcano eruptions are an awesome summer kiddo activity! You can make a volcano with playdough or with papier mache.

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11 More Favorite Summer Art Activities for Kids

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  1. says

    Thanks for all the how-to’s! I love sharing them with my clients…art supply stores…they always need new fresh ideas.

    I did about half of these when my daughter was young. We used to have arts and crafts hour every single day!!!