11 Fun Patriotic Art Projects for Kids

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11 Patriotic Art Projects for Kids

July 4th is almost here and since we like to celebrate any and all holidays with creative projects as much as anything else (yummy food! fireworks!), I thought I’d share some ideas for kid-friendly patriotic art projects. Some of these we’ve done ourselves, many of these brilliant ideas are from other blogs.

First, of all, you know you can turn any favorite art activity into a patriotic one by using red, white, and blue paint (or collage materials, drawing materials, etc), right? Some favorites that would work especially well are:

But here some especially good art projects for the 4th of July (or any other time you might want something extra Patriotic)!

11 Fun Patriotic Art Projects for Kids

Patriotic Art Projects - Firework Paintings and Dyed Flowers

1. Patriotic Firework Paintings (on Inner Child Fun)

2. Make Patriotic Flowers for 4th of July Decorations

Patriotic Art Projects - Flag Collage and Splat Art

3. Simple Cut Paper American Flag Craft (on Housing a Forest)

4. Make Splat Art Fireworks Paintings (on Fun-A-Day)

Patriotic Art Projects - Noisemaker and Blow Art

5. Spin Painted Noisemaker (on No Time for Flashcards)

6. 4th of July Fireworks Blow Art (on My Mix of Six)

Patriotic Art Projects - Star Wand and Fireworks Art

7. Make a Star Wand with Red, White & Blue

8. Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks Craft for Kids (on Crafty Morning)

9. Salt Fireworks Art Project for Kids (on Crafty Morning)

Patriotic Art Projects - Spin Art Streamers and Milky Fireworks

10. Spin Art Streamers (on Hands on As We Grow)

11. Fireworks! Color Science Activity for Kids


We’re making flag art today and Maia has put in a special request for the patriotic popsicles we’ve made in the past.

How about you?

Which patriotic art projects will you do with your kids?

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11 Fun Patriotic Art Projects for Kids

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  1. says

    Cute! These are fantastic and they look like something that my kids and I could actually make! We are not the craftiest but these would be fun, plan on making a few today!

  2. says

    These are great ideas! My kids (especially my twelve year old) love crafts and they’re all about the 4th of July right now. I think we’ll try the blow art, it looks like fun!