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Heart Sculptures :: A Great Valentine’s Day Craft & Gift!

by Jean Van't Hul
January 13, 2014
Plaster Balloon Heart Sculptures with Kids

We had so much fun with the plaster balloon sculptures, that we made them again the next day. This time, we (I, mostly) focused on seeing if we could shape the plaster-filled balloons into hearts.

And yes! It worked!

So now we have some sturdy plaster heart sculptures and have plans to make even more as Valentine’s gifts. (I think they’d do great double-duty as paperweights.)

Plaster Balloon Heart Sculptures 01

Here are the hardened plaster sculptures, still in their balloons. As before, I think they look so cool in the balloons! One of these times, I’ll just leave them in…

Note :: If you want the step-by-step tutorial on how to make these hearts, see this post on plaster balloon sculptures.

Plaster Balloon Heart Sculptures 06

But not this time. Daphne saw these, went to get her scissors to snip off the knots, and then peeled off the balloon.

Plaster Balloon Heart Sculptures 08

She liked the heart a lot, and although I had shaped this one, she really, really wanted to take ownership. Or at the least, to paint it.

Plaster Balloon Heart Sculptures 10

Of course, I let her.

We used BioColor paint for the plaster hearts and the other plaster balloon sculptures. Acrylics would work well, too.

Plaster Balloon Heart Sculptures 17

For the non-heart-shaped sculptures, you can simply paint a heart (or anything) on it. And as you can see, Daphne added plenty of glitter.

From Plaster-Filled Balloon to Valentine's Day Heart Sculpture

Daphne’s claiming this one, but we’ll be making more as Valentine’s Day gifts. I think they would look great on a shelf or mantel!

Note: While I show pics of 4yo Daphne painting this heart, it would take someone older to actually form a heart like this from the plaster-filled balloon. A child her age would more likely make an egg-shaped sculpture (three four-year-olds made 6 egg-shaped sculptures between them the other day) as you can see in my first plaster balloon sculpture post.

I hear egg-shaped sculptures make great Valentine’s Day gifts, too… 😉

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Plaster Balloon Heart Sculptures with Kids

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