Flower Petal Stained Glass Door :: A Spring Flower Craft

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How to Make FLower Petal Stained Glass

We have a new “stained glass” front door!

This one is made with contact paper and flower petals and may be my favorite yet plus it is the perfect spring flower craft. I love it!

The front door window is our big spot for displaying seasonal changes in art and decoration. Until yesterday we had this big scribble stained glass up, which I still think is awesome, but the flower petal stained glass is just so fresh and cheerful!

Flower Petal Stained Glass Door :: A Spring Flower Craft


  • Transparent contact paper
  • Flowers and leaves



Arranging the flower petals and leaves on the contact paper was both fun and relaxing.

I did most of it, although that wasn’t my intention; I had the contact paper set out as an after-school project.

Maia had a friend over, though, and they were in play mode rather than art mode. Which was fine. Rather blissful, in fact.

Flower Petal Stained Glass

Daphne hung out on the fringes of the big kid action while I created flower mandalas and other designs.

Flower Petal Stained Glass

We all love our new stained glass door!

Flower Petal Stained Glass

Maybe in a week or two when these flowers fade, we can all sit down and create some new flower petal stained glass together. Or maybe I’ll have the pile of flowers to myself again…

P.S. You can see all of our many stained glass door versions here, as well as lots of other stained glass and suncatcher crafts.

P.P.S. If you’re interested in another spring flower craft, here are some beautiful flower petal crowns. And here’s a flower suncatcher (in the perfect frame).

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How to Make Flower Petal Stained Glass

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  1. kara says

    I love this & have a door just like it at home. Can you explain how it’s a fixed to the glass? I’m assuming you just put petals to contact paper and then cover with another sheet? Thanks I look forward to your blog EVERYDAY! Much love to you mama!

  2. says

    That is so incredibly gorgeous!! I want to do it today, but I have so much packing to do- it will have to wait until we get back from Wisconsin!

  3. says

    This is so lovely I’m so bummed out I just threw out some dried out flowers yesterday. I have a few in the vase stills and a rose not too dried. They look lovely on your door.

  4. Kate says

    Oooooh this is gorgeous!! It looks like you still get plenty of light too, which is a must for me if I cover a window. Now if only I had some flowers blooming around here… :)

  5. says

    We usually sandwich the flowers (or whatever) between two sheets of contact paper and that would work for this. This time, though, I just stuck the sheet of contact paper directly on the glass, sandwiching the flower petals between the glass and contact paper. Does that make sense? I had to make sure to leave enough of a sticky border so that it would work.

  6. Rachel says

    so beautiful! and i think it’s good for us parents to feel the freedom to make art ourselves too… thx for the idea and that reminder!

  7. Jen says

    Here is a way to keep the colors lasting for YEARS: take a piece of wax paper (wax side up) and arrange the flower (or Fall leaves — my favorite!) on it. Add another piece of wax paper (wax side down) and press with the iron until wax melts and the two sides stick together. This lasts quite a long time. In fact, I think my parents still have one I made about, oh, 20 years ago. :)

  8. says

    Totally fantastic. Did you press and dry the petals and leaves, or just leave them fresh? My 6 y.o. is currently obsessed with drawing on our glass french doors with window crayons, and I think this would be a wonderful extension for her.

  9. Amanda says

    Did you have any problems with sticky residue on the glass after you removed the contact paper? I love the way it looks adhered directly to the glass windows.

  10. Sheau says

    This is so lovely. Now I know what to do with the wild flowers we planted in our courtyard. What fun and seasonal celebration. Thank you for all of your inspiring posts.

  11. says

    Jean, this is beautiful. You didn’t press the flowers, did you? My grandma has always made cards of pressed flowers and I think they are so lovely, the door just reminds me of them!

  12. says

    not to worry, jean, you do so much and i didn’t feel like you slipped off the map at all! i bought organized simplicity as a new year’s resolution, and it’s one of the best purchases i’ve ever made. i’ve been in purging mode since january, and my home feels lighter for it. you won’t be disappointed. best of luck, and look forward to seeing the book!

  13. says

    This is at the TOP of my todo list. SO beautiful, bright, fresh. I’ve even got an old window frame to put them in and use as a wall hanging. Oh, my crafty mind is spinning. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  14. Tammy @ Not Just Paper and Glue says

    This is just beautiful! I wonder if you could do this with silk flowers so it would stay longer?

  15. Marcy says

    Beautiful. I love it even more because you have a Daphne. I have a Daphne Kristina (she’s 1 1/2)!

  16. says

    I did this with my kids today. TOTALLY AWESOME! Of course, it was not as “fancy” and I put 2 sheet together to make a “window”….THANK YOU for the idea!!

  17. M Knowles says

    I love it,so springlike. I have some old silk flowers I was planning to throw away,might have to try this instead.

  18. says

    We just did this for our front door today. The boys had a great time collecting the flowers and putting them on the paper. It looks great! I’m always amazed at the creativity that my five year old displays.

  19. says

    That’s a refreshing idea. I like how you try to engage the kids in the project as well, and they expressed themselves very well in your scribble stained glass. I’m excited to see your other creations!

  20. says

    That is just STUNNING!
    I run Fun Family Crafts, a site similar in nature to Craftgawker and Spotlight, but different in that it’s a library of craft tutorials geared only at kids. I would love it if you’d stop by and submit this to be featured! (I link to you, I don’t post your tutorial on the site) Feel free to submit as many kid friendly craft tutorials as you like! http://funfamilycrafts.com/

  21. Lauren says

    This is lovely. What kind of contact paper did you use? Is it a special kind that will peel off easily when you’re ready for another design?

  22. says

    Your handmade “stained glass” door is one of the best door designs that I have ever seen! I sincerely admire your creativity! You’re simply amazing!

  23. Ronald Miller says

    What an effort! Like what Katie said, I have never seen a handmade stained glass as wonderful as this one! Good craftsmanship! I wish I can have creative hands like yours.

  24. says

    I love the effort! I’m not so into flowers, but when I saw your stained glass door, I suddenly changed my mind. Is it hard to do? I’m planning to do it to on our glass door too, but only with butterflies or stars.

  25. Antony. says

    Hi Jean, I’m Antony from India. Thank you so much for this wonderful idea. I have an doubt that contact paper means tracing But, I have a doubt about the contact paper, is it tracing paper or butter paper? Once again thanks for your wonderful work.