Arboretum time with my little one

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Sweet Daphne and I explored the Arboretum together today. She is such a little person now – very verbal, opinionated, and oh, so TWO. This Arboretum trip is something that I did many, many times with Maia as a toddler (and beyond, of course). It's fun to see it through a toddler's eyes again.

For us, this meant a slower pace and a focus on the little things.


It meant seeing and commenting on the little things and, yes, collecting the little things. Daphne picked up so many small rocks and berries and leaf bits to put in her pockets (thank goodness for pockets!). And even more that she asked me to carry — "You hold it, mama."

I think it's time to make her a pocket dress.

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  1. Holly says

    Aw…I love your pocket dresses!!! I use to take my oldest to the Botanical Gardens ALL the time when she was Two. We have been since, many times…but I haven’t taken the Two yr old yet. I have no idea why I have not done that yet…??? Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, she is just so precious. I love those little two year old faces. I just spent today wandering with my two year old too (we also have a 5yo) and it’s so sweet, so wonderful, just hanging out with the little one alone and having those early conversations about everything we see. Love it.

  3. says

    Did you find that people were rude there? The couple of times we went, people were so rude about me being there with littles that I won’t go back (same with the botanical garden!)

  4. Christina says

    Saw you blog on a post on Facebook. I saw this and had to click! My mom, sister, and I all went to Asheville North Carolina last week, and our Sunday adventure was the Arboretum! It was SO beautiful! I only wish I lived closer so I could take the little guy I babysit to visit, but we’re from Illinois, and were in town for a cousins wedding. Looks like you and your little one had a FANTASTIC time! ^.^

  5. says

    Aww, sweet! My little ones like to collect things, too. Having lots of pockets is great, as long as mom remembers to check them before they go into the laundry! We enjoy our Arboretum, too, especially in the fall and spring.

  6. says

    Wow. The same Arboretum (in Asheville)? I’ve never had that happen. At the Arboretum or the botanical garden. That would make me feel crummy though. I’m sorry that happened to you!