Valentine’s Day Crafts & Recipes in The Artful Winter

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Valentines Day Crafts in The Artful Winter eBook

As everyone begins to think ahead to Valentine's Day, I thought I'd highlight some of the family-friendly Valentine crafts and recipes from my Artful Winter eBook. Some are activities that I've posted about on my blog (in which case I'll include the link), some are new to the book. 

Projects pictured above (clockwise from upper right):

Valentines Day Crafts and Recipes

Projects pictured above (again, clockwise from upper right):

More Valentines Day Crafts

Projects pictured above (clockwise from upper right):

There were more oldie-but-goodie activities (activities from my blog) in the Valentine's chapter of the eBook than in any other, partly because I had so many that I liked, and partly because it was FALL when I wrote the book and I wasn't quite into the Valentine vibe yet. So anyway, enjoy the activities in the blog posts (FREE!) or buy the book and get it all packaged together into an easy-to-use PDF with extra clear step-by-step instructions. 

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  1. Janet says

    Cool blog! I add a packet of TickleMe Plant seeds to my holiday cards.
    The TickleMe Plant will close its leaves and even lower its branches when you Tickle It!
    See video. It is great for Valentine’s Day as it reacts to affection by closing its leaves when Tickled or when it is blown a KISS!