Wren’s Easter Crafts (& an Invitation to Share Your Photos)

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Wren's Easter Crafts

This is Wren. She’s been busy crafting and creating with her mom, getting ready for Easter and for spring. See the artful bunny ears, the tissue paper nest, and the Easter egg suncatcher? Those are all ideas from The Artful Spring eBook!

I LOVED that Ashlea, Wren’s mom and Be Squirrely blogger, shared this photo on my facebook page! If you are doing activities with your kids from any of my books (or from my blog!), then please feel free to share a photo on The Artful Parent facebook page. It would make so happy to see photos of these ideas in action!

P.S. Don’t have the Spring crafts eBook yet, but want your own copy?

Thanks to Ashlea who gave me permission to share her photo here and to Wren for such lovely and enthusiastic spring crafting!

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  1. Dena says

    This is adorable…….must be nice to see all your ideas and hard work come to life in the eyes of other children!

  2. Sara Downes says

    Hi Jean, I pre order book, how do I receive the e copy of the spring book, looking forward to making those tissue paper nests with daycare kiddos

  3. Audra Gooden says

    Thank you for sharing inspiring ideas and a wonderful spirit, and all so beautifully. I have been a reader for several months now, and I wondered if you could help me find the name of a guest blog you posted some time in the fall. This mother provided a list of children’s books by subject, including books that taught about cultures around the world. I have looked in your archives, but can’t seem to find it. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!