Inspiring Creativity with Crayon Wallets


Crayon Wallets for Inspiring Children's Creativity!

I ordered some crayon wallets from Mama May i a while back that have been a huge hit with Maia and Daphne. I gave them to the girls on the drive down to Atlanta last weekend and instead of being used briefly and then passed over for activity books and such, the girls used their crayon wallets much of the car ride down…

…and on and off throughout the weekend…

Kid with Crayon Wallet in Car Seat

…and on the car ride back.

Kids with Crayon Wallets in Restaurant

They even brought them into restaurants!

They traded crayons. Opened and folded the wallets. Argued and made up over (and with) crayons.

I was floored. You’d think they had never seen crayons before! And crayons aren’t even usually their favorite drawing tool. But the two of them made drawing after drawing on the little paper pads that were included in the wallets.

Maia’s friend Marlise joined in the draw fest while we were in Atlanta. They drew pictures for each other as we drove between their home and the best donut shop ever. And between their home and the aquarium. And between the aquarium and a little Lebanese cafe.

And it wasn’t even over when we returned to Asheville! The crayon wallets stayed in the car for a few days, getting used on errands and in school pick up lines.

Crayon Wallet 12

Considering a pack of Crayolas costs less than a dollar, it never occurred to me before to spring for a crayon wallet. But I’m a convert. If they add so much to the whole experience and elevate the humble crayon into a coveted drawing tool, inspiring hours of backseat creativity, then I will pay for a crayon wallet.

Besides, they’re cute.

Kids Crayon Wallet by Mama May i Shop

If you’d like to buy one (or three), here’s the link for Mama May i’s crayon wallets. Whether you break em out now or stash them away for a road trip, stocking stuffer, or birthday gift, I hope they are as big of a hit with your kids as they are with mine.

Mama May I Counting Game 07

Besides the crayon wallets, Mama May i sells lots of quality toys and learning tools for children. We’ve enjoyed her balancing birds, matching games, and the count with me set, among others. When I offered to do a review post, my plan was to write about the counting set (pictured above), which I thought great for number recognition, but our experience with the crayon wallets made me switch gears. I couldn’t not write about them!

By the way, Mama May i is offering Artful Parent readers 15% off their total order with the coupon code HANDMADEART, good through this Friday, October 25th (cannot be combined with other offers and doesn’t apply to shipping costs).

Mama May i is one of my blog sponsors; all opinions expressed are my own.

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    Nolan R.
    October 20, 2013 at 10:25 am

    I’ve been thinking of making one of these for some time now, but have been making do with pencil pouches (one for each kid) that I keep in the car. I keep stickers, paper, and crayons inside. They are kind of big, though, so I think a crayon wallet is definitely the way to go. At home they use a mix of crayons, markers, oil pastels, Slick Stix, pencils, etc. (all out for them to use any time) but crayons still seem to be the safest (for their sake as well as the sake of tables and counters anywhere we visit) choice for travel right now (they are four years old).

  • Reply
    October 20, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    I had the same experience with the pencil satchels I made for my boys, especially my artistically-inclined 5 year old. He loves his satchel and it always keeps him busy when he brings it with us on outings. I make mine like a small “bag” with a strap instead of a wallet, so he can even carry it himself. In case you’re interested, you can see what they look like in my Etsy shop, where I sell them and other bags for kids. Here’s the link:

  • Reply
    October 25, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    I haven’t had tremendous success with crayon rolls with my 2 year old daughter until I figured that Crayola’s tiny markers (the pip-squeaks) fit just fine in there. She can now entertain herself independently for at least half an hour.
    And they’re washable (more than crayon, depending on the surface) and can generally be cleaned with a baby wipe so I don’t worry too much about stains.

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