Thought Bubbles for Creative Thinking & Writing Practice

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Thought Bubbles Writing Practice

We go through waves of use with our chalkboard. We'll use it nonstop for a couple of weeks then not at all for another couple. Right now we're using the chalkboard every day. Maia and I are taking turns drawing mazes for each other. And I've been making these thought bubble writing prompts for her as an easy-going, summer-vacation kind of writing practice.

It's based on an idea I found in Jennifer Hallissy's The Write Start (you can read my interview with her here, btw).

Thought Bubbles Writing Practice

Jennifer's version involves making your own dry erase thought bubble or speech bubble to use for writing practice. I took the lazy mama's route and simply drew my thought bubbles on the chalkboard. I also added a the bare outline of the person who was doing the thinking.

Maia would fill in the face (and facial expression) for the person and write their thoughts. She had fun with it, so I kept making new ones for her, both thought bubbles and speech bubbles, single people and pairs.

In the photo above, Maia drew her Daddy's face and hair and wrote "I love my daughters so much" for his thoughts.

Thought Bubbles Writing Practice

Here she wrote:

Well 2+2=4 so

4+4=8 so

8+8=16. I do think I am

a very good math


Thought Bubbles Writing Practice

This one says, "I love my sister so, so much."

Thought Bubbles Writing Practice

And this one is inspired by a library book called Are You Awake? that Maia read recently. The child is asking, "Mom, is it morning time yet?" and the mother is answering, "No."

Thought Bubbles Writing Practice

In the book, a little boy is wide awake during the night and asks his mom endless questions and she answers him (rather patiently, I thought). Maia read this book to me the other day and giggled the whole time.

Here's the text from the page above, in case you can't read it (not the best photo; sorry):

Why aren't you awake?

Because I'm asleep.

Why are you asleep?

Because it's still nighttime.

Why is it still nighttime?

Because the sun hasn't come up yet.

And so on…

Anyway, we've been having fun with the thought and speech bubbles and I also like that it's getting her writing and thinking creatively. My aim is to encourage her to keep up her writing and reading over the summer in enjoyable and effortless ways. If you have any great ideas, please share!


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  1. rachel says

    oh thank you jean! i just pulled out my Write Start this morning in the hopes of (finally!) digging in. what a fun idea! will have to try it soon. thanks for the inspiration! and maia looks so sweet and so old in that pic!

  2. says

    This is really great. Eleanor does this all the time on her own, I should do it on a large scale like this for her too. She would love it.