Nature Art for Kids

Nature art for kids includes nature art activities, garden art ideas, and ways to incorporate nature items and inspiration into everyday art activities.

DIY Zen Garden Sand Tray

Make Your Own Zen Garden

I’ve had the idea to create a mini zen rock garden for a while now—you know, the kind where you rake the sand into patterns around strategically placed rocks?

For rocks, though, I wanted to use melted crayon rocks for a pop of color—shiny, colorful treasures amidst the sand.

I don’t know much about zen gardens beyond that I like them so don’t know if this would be considered sacrilegious or something.

But it is pretty. And a wonderful sensory and visual experience.

DIY Zen Garden Sand Tray


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10 Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids

10 Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids Celebrate Autumn in all its glory with leaf crafts for kids!

We all like to create with the seasonal colors and images around us, and what better way to create this fall than with Autumn leaves?

Some of these leaf crafts use the leaves as is, straight off the tree or, more likely, ground. (See numbers 2, 8, 9 and 10 below.)

Some of them require leaves that have been pressed and dried first. So before we dive into this list of leaf crafts for kids, here are a few methods for preserving your leaves:

5 Ways to Preserve Fall Leaves for Crafting

Okay, now that you have some leaves pressed or preserved, it’s time to dive into the list of leaf crafts!

10 Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids


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A Flower Suncatcher Craft for Kids

One of our favorite suncatchers to create is the flower suncatcher with contact paper and flower petals and leaves. And this is coming from someone who has a well-documented obsession with suncatchers and stained glass art projects!

Recently, we made our favorite flower suncatchers again, using paper plates as the frames (it just works so well!) and strung them into a garland to hang across the window.


Butterfly flower suncatcher craftBut the best part was what we did differently this time. We used the flowers and leaves to create faces, birds, butterflies, and more.

After Maia made a flower fairy on one of the Easter egg suncatchers this past spring, it was only natural that we’d want to revisit the idea.

We all thoroughly enjoyed using the colors, patterns, and shapes of the flower petals and leaves to make fun images to hang in the window. And I’m thinking we’ll have to try our hand at these again soon with Autumn leaves and flowers.

I wrote up a whole tutorial for you on how to make this flower suncatcher craft and garland (with lots of photos!) over on Let’s Lasso the Moon, my friend Zina’s site.

Click here to check it out.


10 Ways to Have a More Creative Beach Trip :: Ocean Crafts for Kids

10 Ocean Crafts for KidsWe went to Folly Beach for the water and sand and sun, of course, but while there, we found ways to make it a creative week for the family as well with some ocean-inspired arts and crafts here and there.

Some I had planned to do—I brought plaster of Paris for sandcasting, crayons for melted crayon sea shells, and watercolors for painting.

And some were unplanned but wonderful—a shell mandala on the beach, a 2-D sandcastle complete with ramparts and moat, love notes in the sand, the shapes some of our sand cast mementos took.

Here are 10 ways to have a more creative beach trip…

If you have a beach trip coming up, maybe you could make this one a little more creative than usual with some of these fun ideas.

If you’ve done your beach trip for the year,  pin this post to save for next time.

Some of these ideas can even be done at home—no beach necessary!

10 Ocean Crafts for Kids


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10 DiY Outdoor Games to Make with Rocks

10 DiY Outdoor Games to Make with RocksAre you beginning to make your summer bucket list yet?

How about adding some DiY outdoor games to play in the backyard or when camping?

Kids love games…

Kids love rocks…

Combine the two and you have a winning combination!

Creative, inexpensive, and fun

Games don’t have to come in a box and they definitely don’t need to be battery operated to be enjoyable. In fact the best games are sometimes the simplest. I think we all remember playing games outdoors as children with little more than simple natural materials, companions (siblings, friends, parents…), and our imaginations.

Here are 10 simple diy outdoor games you can make yourself with stones found in your backyard. Perfect to make with the kids this summer!… 

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Art with Rocks :: 18 Ways to Use Rocks in Kids Art

Kids Art with Rocks - 18 Ways to Use Rocks in Kids ArtEverybody loves a rock, right? Byrd Baylor would say Everybody Needs a Rock.

Maia went through a phase as a toddler and preschooler where she would pick up and collect rocks anywhere we happened to be.

Piles of rocks.

Now it’s usually just a special rock here or there. And a budding interest in geology.

We like our rocks au naturel, but we also have a soft spot for rock arts and crafts.

Here are 18 ways to use rocks in kids art

(some we’ve done; some of these we’d like to do):


Melted Crayon Rocks


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DiY Wishing Stones for a Friend

DiY Wishing Stones with Melted Crayon RocksWe made wishing stones a while back for a young friend who was sick in the hospital. Her sister Isabella with us for the afternoon and we wanted to make something, anything, helpful. Something that would help this little girl heal and get back home to her family. Something tangible that she could look at and hold in her hand.

I decided on melted crayon rocks because the combination of the weight of the small rocks with the smooth waxy coating of the melted crayon coating make them both enticing and soothing to hold. And I thought we could add our wishes for our friends to the rocks with words and intention, much as we had with the thankful stones we make at Thanksgiving.

The kids were game. Maia and Daphne are always up for some melted crayon rocks—so fun!—and Isabella and Emily hadn’t tried them before.

Here are the instructions and a few pics…

DiY Wishing Stones for a Friend


  • Small, smooth stones that will fit in your hand
  • Crayons (any, but we’ve found that soy-based crayons and wax-based crayons work better than petroleum-based crayons)
  • Black or dark Sharpie marker


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How to Make Homemade Bubbles

How to Make Homemade BubblesYesterday, when I wrote about making homemade bubble wands with the kids, I promised to share photos of them using their new bubble wands as well as the instructions for how to make homemade bubbles.

Here goes!

First the bubbles recipe and then the photos…

How to Make Homemade Bubbles


  • 4 cups warm water
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap


1. Whisk the sugar into the warm water until the sugar dissolves.

2. Add the dish soap and whisk to combine.

3. Blow bubbles with your new bubble solution!… 

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Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft with Flower Petals

Easter Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids with Spring FlowersIf you follow me on facebook or via Instagram, you may have seen a sneak preview of this Easter egg suncatcher craft yesterday.

These suncatchers seemed like the perfect way to celebrate the floral explosion going on around us.

Daphne’s already picking flowers for us several times a day and delivering them to us at desks, tables, or in our pockets. I usually transfer these sweet gifts to water, but decided it was time we made suncatchers with flowers.

This Easter egg suncatcher craft combines two of our favorite spring suncatchers…

Flower mandala suncatchers &
Easter egg suncatchers (with ribbon, lace, & tissue paper)… 

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