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An Artful Halloween: A Halloween Drawing Activity, Costume Ideas And Much More!

by Jean Van't Hul
November 1, 2011
An Artful Halloween :: A Halloween Drawing Activity, Costume Ideas And Much More!

Maia has declared this the funnest Halloween ever and I think the rest of us are in agreement.

We certainly tried a lot of different fun Halloween ideas!

Here are some photos and links…

Halloween Arts and Crafts for Kids

An Artful Halloween :: A Halloween Drawing Activity

1. Halloween Drawing Activity

An Artful Halloween :: A Halloween Drawing Activity

Fill in the Jack-O-Lantern Faces: a fun chalkboard prompt and activity.

I love this Halloween drawing activity so much that I created a free printable for you!

An Artful Halloween :: A Halloween Drawing Activity and Halloween Family Fun Guide

Click below to download “Fill In the Jack-O-Lantern Faces.”  Print as many copies as you like and see how many different Jack-O-Lanterns your child can make!

Click Here for Your Free Printable

An Artful Halloween :: Pumpkin Carving

2. Pumpkin Carving

Totally last minute pumpkin carving and decorating in the studio.

An Artful Halloween :: Pumpkin Carving

Maia and Marlise drawing pumpkin faces.

An Artful Halloween :: Pumpkin Carving

Scooping out pumpkin guts with an awesome little serrated scraper from one of those cheap plastic pumpkin carving kits.

For years I been struggling to scoop out pumpkins with a spoon and to carve pumpkins with a kitchen knife. No more, my friends.

I have my little kit from Target and I have to say it is the best. Totally cheap and flimsy, but it really works.

An Artful Halloween :: Pumpkin Carving

Plus, with the little saws, Maia can carve her own pumpkins. Easily.

Or at least she carved one eye before she ran off for her third (but certainly not final!) costume change of the day.

An Artful Halloween :: Pumpkin Decorating

3. Pumpkin Decorating

We also combined a couple of fun ideas from around the web: junk drawer jack-o-lanterns  and carrot-nose pumpkins.

This photo was taken seconds before Daphne took a bite out of the carrot nose, by the way.

An Artful Halloween :: Jack-O-Lantern Pizza

4. Jack-O-Lantern Pizzas

Before the trick-or-treating craziness began, we made sure the kids ate some real food. These are jack-o-lantern english muffin pizzas that Harry assembled while I finished Daphne’s costume.

An Artful Halloween :: Costumes

5. Halloween Costumes

Pre trick-or-treating photo of the puppy dog, super girl, and princess.

An Artful Halloween - puppy costume

Up until the last minute I was operating under the assumption that Daphne would be totally fine in whatever costume I put her in. (I was planning to just go with something from the dress-up box).

It turned out that she had strong opinions on the matter and really wanted to be a puppy dog.

So I added a couple of ears to a hat and sewed a quick tail, both from gray wool leftover from my handbag. It has to be one of the quickest costumes ever (if you don’t count the dress-up box).

An Artful Halloween :: puppy costume

She loved it. Here’s a photo of her with Harry, who dressed up as a geeky businessman (so not him). I kept cracking up whenever I looked at him with those cardboard glasses and pocket protector.

All in all, a very fun Halloween.

What are your favorite Halloween drawing activity, costumes or pumpkin decorating ideas?


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