Decorating & Flying Kites (+ A Decorate-Your-Own Kite Giveaway!)

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Decorate Your Own Kites -- a fun art activity for kids to be followed by quality active time outside!

We like to fly kites. 

We fly them at the beach and we fly them at a special place nearby called Max Patch, a big and windy bald with 360 degree views of our beautiful Western North Carolina mountains.

So when the folks at Discount School Supply sent us a set of
Decorate-Your-Own Kites
to review recently, we were excited. Partly because we are always game for an art project and partly because it meant we had a trip to Max Patch in our near future.

Decorate Your Own Kite 56

The set contained 12 kites so we invited some friends over who had been in the Toddler Art Groups with us (the 4th as a tag-along babe)—brothers Justin, Nathan, Joe, and Desmond.

Discount School Supply included a set of
fabric markers
and a set of
glitter glue
in their package—both of which they said would be appropriate for decorating the fabric kites.

We have long been big fans of their glitter glue (even to the point of giving away quite a few sets as birthday gifts to young friends over the years) but this was our first experience with fabric markers.

Decorate Your Own Kites -- at the big kid table

The 6 kids and us parents all set to work on our kites. Here are a few photos of kite decorating from the big kid table.

Nathan (top left) drew stripes on his kite with the fabric markers, Justin (top right) drew a variety of images and added glitter glue decoration, Maia (bottom right) drew rainbow stripes, I drew a face, and my friend Rachel wrote "Fly High" with glitter glue.

Decorate Your Own Kites -- at the little kid table

And here are the photos of kite decorating (with lots of enthusiastic glitter glue squeezing) from the little kid table. 

Once our kites were decorated and our glitter glue had dried, we were ready for the trip out to Max Patch!!

Decorate Your Own Kites 06

Max Patch is an hour west of Asheville. A bit of a drive, but a scenic one and well worth it in our opinion. We bring kites and pack a picnic whenever we go. 

Decorate Your Own Kites 11

The kids were extra excited to fly the kites they had decorated themselves and ran much of the way up the short but steep trail to the top.

Decorate Your Own Kites 13

And ran a lot more at the top of the bald. With and without kites.

Flying Kites and using a Decorate Your Own Kite Kit

The girls both flew their kites, although there wasn't as much wind as usual and they had to work to keep their kites in the air.

Decorate Your Own Kites 24

Also, the kites were a bit more difficult to fly than others we have flown. Perhaps because we skipped the step (Mama forgot) of tying things to the tail for balast. And the string to one of them got tangled up and broke.

But that was okay. 

Decorate Your Own Kites 28

We had plenty of fun even after we grew tired of flying the kites.

There was a picnic snack to eat.

Decorate Your Own Kites 31

Tousling and giggling to do…

Twirling Daphne

as well as twirling until we were dizzy…

Decorate Your Own Kites 41

…and catching grasshoppers…

Decorate Your Own Kites 37

…and other insects.

I think we are all agreed. Anytime someone tells us to go fly a kite, we will do so gladly. 

Would you like to go fly a kite? Read on to learn how to enter to win a set of decorate-your-own kites from Discount School Supply…


Readers who leave a comment to this post by Thursday, October 3rd at 11:59pm EST will be entered to win a set of 12
Decorate-Your-Own Kites
from Discount School Supply as well as your choice of either
fabric markers
glitter glue
. Winner will be chosen by random number generator and announced here on Thursday. Giveaway open to readers in the contiguous United States.

Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

The random number generator gave me #67, so Bethany wins the kite set. Congrats, Bethany! (I'll send you an e-mail…)

Bethany said…

This would be a great activity for our playgroup!

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  1. says

    My 3 yearold has been asking a lot of questions about kites the past few days. This could be an awesome way to introduce him to flying kites and enjoy an art project with him!

  2. Andrea says

    Oh, how fun! We love flying kites, and my girls have been designing them too, using construction paper. That just doesn’t work so well :( We would love to have a chance to make these!

  3. jennifer says

    We LOVE their glitter glue too. Definitely want to try their fabric markers, I’m sure they’ll be great!

  4. Heather says

    Oh how fun! I just placed my first order with Discount School Supply yesterday, but I would love to win these!

  5. says

    This is so great! I’ve never seen a kite making kit before. My son LOVES his kite (that Grammy got him for his birthday after a year of asking!) and just went to the beach the other day to take it out. He would love this craft. Thanks so much.
    Sarah M

  6. monica says

    What fun!! My boys have never flown kites – this would be perfect for both nurturing their creativity AND running off their excess energy.

  7. michelle says

    so fun! let’s go fly a kite!
    my little one is super excited about anything involving the possible use of glitter glue :) and discount school supply has the best. thank you for this neat giveaway.

  8. Laura says

    We did a wind/air unit during the summer, thinking surely we’d get some tropical winds to blow through at some point toward the end and we’d get the kids a chance to fly their inexpensive store bought kites. It turned out that we haven’t had many gusty days at all though we have also been blessed with an uneventful hurricane season. I found in my web research a technique to utilize when there is little to no wind, but it literally flopped during its actual execution here. I hope to revisit this lesson again with much better results as we ended up just sticking to frisbee throws, which were okay too. A set like this would be absolutely perfect!!

  9. gidgets bookworms says

    can you believe my girls have never flown a kite. Would love a chance to win these and change that :)

  10. tanabana22 says

    This would be so much fun! I loved kites as a little kid and have a feeling my little one will too.

  11. Amy says

    We’ve been waiting for a nice windy day to fly a kite with our girls. This would be a perfect pre-kite-flying activity! Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Michelle C says

    Jean, we moved away from Asheville to Portland, OR a little over a year ago and I really miss those mountains! Max Patch was one of my favorite places. Thank you for the pictures and for bringing a smile to me. :)

  13. megan says

    What a fun thing to do! I’m going to buy some to give for upcoming birthday gifts! Of course my kids would love this

  14. Lorina says

    How fun! My poor daughter has been trying to fly a broken kite lately…this would be a fun change for her :)

  15. MommyT says

    The one thing I always regretted was growing up so far away from all of my grandparents. My daughter is lucky enough to live near half of hers and her FAVORITE activity is flying kites with Grandpa, who is sadly getting older. This would be an activity that both she and grandpa would LOVE and would treasure forever.

  16. katie says

    Coincidently my daughter said this weekend “today feels like a good day to fly a kite” . Not sure where she got the idea but we didn’t have much luck. We would have fun decorating our own!

  17. says

    This would be awesome. We love fabric markers and glitter glue!!!! I bought a huge tub of glitter glue for my son this past Christmas. It was the highlight.

  18. Heidi Anderson says

    How fun! We love kite flying here as well and have a special place near the water in Bellingham,WA to fly them. This would be a great activity with my kiddos! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. says

    This reminds me of all the kids when I was in PC – they would make little kites out of bits of paper from their school notebooks and thread from their mother’s sewing – I bet they would have loved using the fabric markers and glitter glue! I bet my kids would love it too. :)

  20. Natalie says

    I used to make kites out of newspaper with my grandmother. They never flew well but we had a good time making them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. michele moore says

    Thanks for offering this giveaway! Would love to do this project with my niece and her friends!

  22. Erin says

    We made paper bag kites once…I bet these would fly a whole lot better! What great pictures!

  23. Cassidy says

    What a beautiful place to fly a kite! My kids are just getting big enough for kite-flying. Would love to decorate our own!

  24. Mary Beth Galloway says

    My boys would enjoy this. Double the fun: creative work and an energy release!

  25. Susan H-M says

    My kids LOVE to go kite flying and would love flying their own I’m sure (especially at MP).

  26. says

    How beautiful Max Patch is; looks to be a lovely spot for kite flying. We live near the beach and this would be great fun for my kiddos. Decorating and then flying their own designs.

  27. Nancy says

    fun! our Friday co-op would love to make these. or maybe Girl Scouts. thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Anastasia says

    Beautiful photo’s. the giveaway would be a fabulous gift for my son’s kindergarden class!!!

  29. Stacey says

    Awe, looks like a lot of fun!! This would be perfect for our upcoming play date!! I wish we have hills like that near us :)