Valentine butterflies

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This Valentine butterfly idea was all Maia’s. We were cutting out and folding tissue paper hearts yesterday to make these valentine doily suncatchers and she disappeared with one of the pink hearts. When she came back to the table, the heart was glued to a wooden clothespin as butterfly wings. She had even drawn a face on the butterfly. Maia asked if I would cut out some circles for her out of the red and white tissue paper. I did, and she glued them on the wings. (She actually made two; Daphne crumpled the first one.) When her friend Stella came over, she made a heart butterfly as well, decorating hers with lots and lots of tiny black dots.

I love these! They are quick to make, too. You could easily make a bunch to give to friends — maybe writing a Valentine message along the body of the butterfly. I’m not good at catchy messages. I thought of “You make my heart flutter,” but would you really give that to your friends? This is why I stick to “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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  1. Amy Fields says

    What a great idea! We are making tractor valentines this year due to my son’s obsession with John Deere. I agree with Mary I like you is what they want to hear!

  2. Rachel says

    so cute jean! reminds me of the coffee filter stained (with water color from droppers) we did back in the day in art grp, then put in clothespins for butterflies, do you remember those? i think we put them in the opening of the clothespin and then flaired them out.

  3. Holly says

    Love these!!! When I was teching in preschool we made some valentine butterflies, but called them “Love Bugs”…I love love bugs :) Great idea Maia!!!!

  4. MaryAnn F. Kohl, art book author says

    I started laughing when I saw these. The clothespins are just so cute!!! You might even wrap some wire (smaller wire than pipe cleaners) around their necks to stick out above their little round heads as antennae. Or glue 2 little curls of paper on top if they want to.
    One thing I love about wood is that it “stains”, so you can easily color clothespins with liquid watercolors (I get mine from Discount School Supply.) Even MULTIcolor them.
    All just extra suggestions for your readers. Sometimes enough is enough, if you know what I mean. Enjoy it in the simple form!

  5. MaryAnn F. Kohl, art book author says

    Messages. One of the most important thing (just ask any kid) that they want to hear or read on a Valentine is “I like you.”

  6. says

    We’ve made butterflies before with these clothespins, although it’s been a year I think since the last time. She must have seen the heart as good butterfly wings potential…

  7. Rachel says

    oh gracious… that was longer ago than i thought! justin was just over 3. i can’t even believe it! it’s so special to watch our kids grow up together through all these art projects and gatherings.