Heart Pancakes with Sprinkles :: A Valentine’s Day Breakfast Idea

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Heart Pancakes with Sprinkles - A Fun idea for Valentine's Day Breakfast

I made heart pancakes for the kids for breakfast yesterday. They were a BIG hit. Maybe it was the color and the sprinkles. I've cooked plenty of shaped pancakes over the years, but this time I tinted some of the pancake batter first and experimented with shapes within shapes. The valentine pancakes were the most successful.

Here's how I did it:

First, I shook out some sprinkles on the griddle then I poured some of the pink-tinted batter into a heart shape over the sprinkles. Then, I took the plain pancake batter and poured an outline for the heart.

I'd share step-by-step pics, but the light was awful and they didn't turn out well. 

Valentine Pancakes

I tried a couple different ways for tinting the pancakes. I mixed pureed strawberries with some batter for pink and pureed blueberries with another cup of batter for blue. It sorta worked and the kids loved them all, but I wouldn't say it was uber-successful. (The valentine pancakes in the top image are tinted with food coloring.) 

Flower and Nest Pancakes

Here are the pancakes I made with the pureed fruit-tinted batter—flower pancakes and eggs in a nest. I was testing an idea for the spring crafts ebook I'm working on, but it's not quite there yet. (If any of you awesome cooks out there have tips for me, let me know!)

What do you like to make for breakfast on Valentine's Day? Anything special?

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  1. Carly says

    I’ve been thinking about surprising the kids with heart-shaped pancakes or French toast on Valentines Day. (Only a surprise because pancakes/French toast/waffles are reserved for weekends in our house.) I will send heart-shaped snacks with them to kindergarten/preschool – a little heart-shaped bread and cream cheese sandwich and heart-shaped fruit (last year was strawberries and bananas). I also include a note in their lunchbags with the snack. And I was going to make heart-shaped rice krispie treats for after dinner that night.
    As a side note, I used to think Valentines Day was stupid until I had kids. Now I love it and go a little crazy each year!

  2. Nicole says

    If you want to tint with puree, I would think that you would have to account for 2 things in the reserve batter. First, you probably are thinning the batter a bit, easily fixed with more flour. Second, I think you are raising the acidity, which might change the texture; decrease the baking powder for soda a bit.

  3. says

    Hmm…the puree-tinting is an intriguing challenge! What about grinding up freeze-dried berries and then adding them to the batter? Perhaps after adding the powder in the oil or butter for the recipe and letting it sit for a bit, to see if you can infuse the fat with some of the color. Might have to decrease the other dry ingredients by just a little, if you try that. I may have to experiment with this myself.
    Oh, and cute pancakes! :-)