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The Artful Parent’s Top 20 Blog Posts from 2021

by The Artful Parent Editorial Team
December 29, 2021
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Here are the Artful Parent’s Top 20 blog posts for 2021. Our list includes art projects inspired by famous artists, lots of toddler art, tips on setting up an art space at home, and a few of our favorite art materials!

This time of year, in the midst of the holiday season, we like to look back and reflect on the year behind us.

Each year at The Artful Parent, we go into Google Analytics to see which posts published received the most page views. It’s fun for us to remember the content we created and maybe you’ll be reminded of a project to try with your family.

Here are The Artful Parent’s top 20 blog posts published in 2021!

Top 20 Blog Posts from 2021

Art supplies for toddlers
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

1. The Best Art Supplies for Toddlers

Our list of the best art supplies for toddlers with our tried-and-true recommendations.

Toddler painting on paper with watercolors and tempera paint sticks.
Photo by Rachel Withers

2. 7 Simple & Fun Art Activities for Toddlers

These simple art activities for toddlers are open-ended, giving your child a multi-sensory experience and making the process of learning more fun!

Photo by Rachel Withers

3. The Best Kids Art Tools for a Successful Art Experience

The Artful Parent’s list of the best kids’ art tools to encourage art making in the home or school environment.

Papel picado Valentine's Day garland
Photo by Rachel Withers

4. Papel Picado for Kids: Create Paper Designs Inspired by Mexican Folk Art

Learn how to create beautiful paper designs with tissue paper. For the perfect Valentine’s Day garland, try adding heart shapes!

Photo by Rachel Withers

5. How to Make Cloud Dough for Kids

Learn how to make cloud dough with two simple ingredients: baby oil and flour. This is a favorite sensory material that kids will love to play with!

colorful and sparkly resin circles
Photo by Catalina Gutierrez

6. How to Make Resin for Beginners

Catalina Gutierrez of Red Violet Studio shares how to work with resin for beginners and important protocols to work with it safely.

Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

7. How to Talk to Kids About Their Art

4 tips for how to talk to kids about their art and ways to encourage their continued creativity and self-confidence as artists.

Photo by Kathy Barbro

8. Modern Art for Kids: Drawings Inspired by Abstract Artist Hilma af Klint

Create modern art for kids inspired by the work of Swedish abstract artist Hilma af Klint. Drawing project and post by Kathy Barbro of Art Projects for Kids.

art cart - andrea martelle
Photo by Andrea Martelle

9. How to Set up an Art Cart for Kids

Learn how to set up an art cart for kids in a few easy steps! A wonderful way to incorporate art in the home with art supplies that are easily accessible for kids.

magic forest with animals
Photo by Eleanor Ford

10. Easy Cardboard Art: How to Create a Magic Forest

Eleanor Ford of Mini Mad Things shows how to create an amazing magic forest with this easy cardboard art project for kids. Makes a fun creative setup for hours of play!

watercolor painted geodes _ danielle falk
Photo by Danielle Falk

11. How to Paint a Watercolor Geode

Learn how to paint a watercolor geode in 5 easy steps! A wonderful watercolor painting activity from Danielle Falk of Little Ginger Studio to pair with learning about geodes and rocks.

Wire_Sculpture_Art_for_Kids (1)
Photo by Heather Pelanne

12. How to Create Wire Sculpture Art Inspired by Japanese Artist Ruth Asawa

Heather Pelanne writes about Japanese artist Ruth Aiko Asawa and shows how to use colored wire to create 3D wire sculpture art around found objects.

Child fingerpainting on paper_Anna Harpe
Photo by Anna Harpe

13. 7 Tips for Doing Art with Toddlers to Make it a Fun Experience

Here are helpful tips for art with toddlers from suggestions for success, set up & cleanup, expectations with attention span and more!

gratitude tree _ anna harpe
Photo by Anna Harpe

14. How to Make a Gratitude Tree for Kids

Here are helpful tips for art with toddlers from suggestions for success, set up & cleanup, expectations with attention span and more!

Balloon painting with plates
Photo by Kate Smith

15. How to Do Balloon Printing for Kids

Kate Smith of Captured Art Design shows us how to try balloon printing for kids! Use a balloon to stamp paint onto paper and watch the colors blend!

flags against fence_andrea martelle
Photo by Andrea Martelle

16. How to Make Garden Wish Flags

Learn how to make simple garden wish flags with kids using fabric crayons and fabric. Draw and write your wishes on the fabric bunting then hang in the garden!

toddler art _ rachel withers
Photo by Rachel Withers

17. Embrace the Mess: Why Messy Art is Important for Kids

Here are 6 tips for parents on how to embrace the mess and learn why messy art for kids is so important for their development.

valentine book and craft _ anna harpe
Photo by Anna Harpe

18. The Best Valentine Books about Love to Inspire Creative Family Fun

Anna of KidLitCrafts shares the best Valentine books about love and family and her favorite creative art projects to pair together.

Dedicated art table_Jean Van't Hul
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

19. 6 Ideas for a Home Art Space for Children

Here are 6 ways to make a home art space for children fit any lifestyle.

Photo by Joanna Pink

20. How to Create Colorful Collage Art for Kids Inspired by Alma Thomas

Joanna Pink of Art Club Mexico City shows how to color and paint warm and cool colors on paper. Then turn into colorful collage art for kids inspired by Alma Thomas.

Thank YOU for following along with us this year. Are there any art activities that you are inspired to try?

The Artful Parent Top 5 Art Activities Ever!

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The Artful Parent\'s Top 20 Blog Posts from 2021