The playhouse as a reading fort

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I sure love these two girls of mine! They've been constructing a "reading fort" in the corner of our bedroom, behind an armchair, where they read and play. Maia pushes the chair out a bit, pads the fort with a blanket and some pillows, then brings in teddy bears and dolls, an armload of books, and Daphne. I don't have anything against the reading fort they've been making, but it made me think it was time to bring out the "playhouse under the table" again (we had put it away to make room for our Christmas tree).


This time I padded the playhouse with a thin futon that Harry's mom sewed years ago. I covered the futon with a quilt and added some pillows and a basket of books to make it an extra cozy place to read and play.


It is, and Maia's been reading to Daphne in it since! Or a combination of reading and "reading" anyway.


And Daphne goes in there on her own as well to look through her books which is adorable. I love it! Love the space itself and love that they use it for reading and looking at books. I think I might curl up in here with a book soon, myself… Who wouldn't want to?

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  1. Barbara Zaborowski says

    Thank you for the description of the reading fort. AND the photos of the playhouse. I’ve decided to ask the kids what a reading fort would look like and try to create it.

  2. Two Chicks and a Hen says

    My girls do this in my older daughter’s bed tent; I love it. That last photo is perfectly adorable.

  3. lj says

    I love it!!! our apartment is too tiny for this though… I sewed a teepee but haven’t been able to get it to stay up– do you have any experience with sewing teepees?
    Meanwhile I love the book (!!!)– your book is going to be amazing??!!!

  4. says

    just so beautiful seeing them in there together! adorable. i can’t get enough of that heather bailey fabric. i am still working on mine for my craft room!

  5. says

    I haven’t sewn a teepee, but have thought about doing it! How about a string from the top of the teepee to the ceiling (and maybe a cup hook) as a way to help keep it up?

  6. lj says

    Hmmm…that would be great but we need to move it around the apartment – sometimes in the bedroom, sometimes the living room. I’ll keep fiddling with it and email you if I find a solution! Again, Jean- your work is so so inspiring! Making the frames this afternoon for my 4 y.o. and just picked up heart doilies for fabric painting on t-shirts. Meanwhile, our toddler group just kicked off last week and our first project was really fun– each toddler’s footprint in fabric paint on a t-shirt to mark the beginning of our adventures. Not so fun for the kids but a good intro project for the adults! The next weeks will all be from your site I’m sure! Thank you thank you!