10 Things I’m Loving this Summer…

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1. Fresh strawberries and raspberries! I LOVE the bounty of summer fruit.


2.  Warm weather for outdoor living and playing.


3.  Maia's newfound interest in sewing. And the projects she comes up with.


4.  Daphne's latest drawing of a rose. I just love watching her drawing skills develop!


5.  Tuesday, the neighborhood cat, who seems to have adopted us. The kids love to play with him and I enjoy his company as I garden.


6. Gardening! I've been a gardening maniac lately. Usually I'm a feverish springtime gardener but stop once summer (ie mosquitos and hot weather) comes around. But this year I got my gardening start late. It's wonderful therapy!


7.  The joy Maia and Daphne get from harvesting their own produce. The girls planted the vegetable garden beds with their grandma a couple of months ago and they are very proud of the lettuce, peas, radishes, and carrots that they've been picking!


8.  The use the studio is getting these days. Painting, collaging, pottery by hand and pottery with the wheel


9.  Garden soups, pies, and other concoctions that the girls create near and in the sandbox.


10.  Maia's new potholder loom. She loves it and wove this while swinging on the porch swing. This is one of those childhood staples that I think I must have missed out on. This one was sent to us by Craft Project Ideas, one of my sponsors, and I just noticed that they have instructions for using it on their site. (Lucky for me, since I couldn't figure out how to finish the edges and get the thing off…)

As you can see, this list is very kid-centric. Besides my own gardening and reading, my life this summer is very much focused on the girls. I'm (still) slowly getting back into my work, but spending long hours among my plants and flowers and lots of time reading Harry Potter with Maia, playing kid games, and such.

What's on your "loving list" this summer?

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  1. says

    Oh man, I wove so much on those little kid looms when I was younger! Everyone in my family got potholders one Christmas. I think I was 8 or 9!
    Our summer definitely includes berry picking (up here in the Pacific Northwest) and tons of outdoor time. We hike, canoe, and do bbqs on the weekends, and have a library day, a fun day with friends, an errand day, and a movie day during the week. All with a healthy dose of gardening and playing with the neighborkids every afternoon!
    Sarah M

  2. Amy Fields says

    Reclaiming my front yard and porch, swimming pool, outdoor mud kitchen back in full swing, and farmer’s markets!

  3. says

    Strawberries surely top our list…we went strawberry picking in DC a month ago, then arrived at my parents’ house in Michigan just in time for their season. Nom nom!

  4. says

    summer loves so far:
    warm weather at last – I think summer forgot to happen last year, and this winter was very long.
    walks in the woods
    being warm enough to wear shorts, t-shirts and no socks
    flowers exploding from everywhere (I’m sure some are weeds, but I’m not fussy!)
    Bug’s expanding vocabulary and need to verbalise every thought
    C’s excitement and impending start at pre-school

  5. Cason says

    This has been the summer of the lake for us. We live about 15 minutes away from a beautiful park at the lake. We’ve been going several times a week for hiking, swimming, fishing, and dinner picnics with friends. And thanks to you, this has also been an artful summer. We’ve committed to doing at least two art projects a week (we used to do none because my boys weren’t interested). We are having a magical summer!